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What are The 8 Benefits of Using a QR Code in a CV?  

Technology has significantly impacted almost every aspect of our lives, including the hiring process and resume-making. The rise of digital tools and online platforms has revolutionized the way we design our CVs. Well, you must be wondering how technology is related to a CV. Let us explain this to you. If you have high accomplishments and educational qualifications to flaunt your resume, then you can try adding a QR code to take your resume to the next level. The new feature allows the recruiter to gain more knowledge about your educational and professional background. With just a quick scan, you can tell about the personality and additional information about yourself to the hiring manager. So let’s learn the benefits of a QR code in your resume and why it is a smart move.

Everything You Need To Know About Adding QR Codes to a Resume 

  • Let’s First Understand QR Codes

QR codes are made from tiny black dots that has a unique pattern called a barcode. When you scan the pattern, it opens the human-readable data in just a few seconds. You can display it on your CV to give access to the recruiter of different places like your portfolio of previous projects or social profiles. 

Five Reasons Why Adding QR Code to Your Resume is a Good Option                       

  • Increases Your Chances of Getting the Job 

Nowadays, we see QR codes almost everywhere. From newspapers and posters to magazines and books, they are a brilliant way to give information to your audience. If we talk about the hiring process, we all know that ensuring your resume creates the best first impression is vital because hiring managers don’t give much of their valuable time to it in their initial scan. Graduate CV writing experts in Ireland also follow the innovation of adding QR codes to ensure that the candidate’s CV grabs the recruiter’s attention. It can encourage the hiring manager to scan the code and get more information. If you can get the hiring manager’s attention using a QR code, then there is a high chance that he will go over your complete resume. This can increase your chances of getting hired and can make you stand out from other potential applicants.

  • Works as a Tracking System 

The best benefit of QR codes is that they can tell you who has opened your resume. It can connect you to an administrative tool or scan tracking system. This feature has the ability to notify you whenever someone opens your attached link or document. By adding a QR code to your resume, you can have a clear idea of whether the hiring manager is interested in shortlisting you or not. Knowing this can save you time and extra effort.

  • Proves You as Tech-Savvy In Front of the Recruiter

Adding QR codes to your resume is a good way to show you are tech-savvy. As they are quite popular in other fields but not in recruitment, that is why hiring managers can build a strong image of you after seeing the QR code? If you are an old applicant, barcodes can prove to the recruiter that you are learning with emerging technology. It can highlight your abilities, like being open to innovations and being a good learner. For Tech experts, using a QR code can enlighten their technical knowledge and skills.

  • Provides Easy Access to Information

Recruiters just give a few glances at your resume, and if it doesn’t impress them, then your CV is not up to the mark. Candidates have one chance to make their way toward an interview, and creating the right CV is essential for that. Don’t forget! Your resume is your professional pitch. And you need to make it distinctive and attractive by adding education, work experience, personal interest, and skills. However, adding all this information on a single page can make your resume difficult to read for the recruiter, which is why you should add QR codes. They show all your skills and capabilities easily in a creative way. You can link your previous work sample, cover letter, or introduction in the barcode.

Makes Your Resume Mobile-Friendly and Easy To Read

In the age of digitalization and smartphones, the innovation of a QR code in a resume has appeared as a new way to enhance its appeal on small screens. By putting a QR code, job seekers can provide employers with direct access to additional information, making the application process more convenient and efficient. When viewing a traditional CV on a mobile device, the hiring manager may face limited space and readability issues. However, a QR code efficiently solves these challenges by allowing individuals to keep all their extra materials, such as an online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or official website, within a small black digital square. This innovation not only allows employers to explore a candidate’s identifications effortlessly, but it also shows adaptability and a forward-thinking approach to presenting oneself professionally. 

How to Put a QR Code on Your CV?

  • Step 1: 

You can find numerous online tools to help you in building a barcode. Using these QR code generators, you can add all your information in a single QR code. You just have to put your links in the specified space to start the code-building process.

  • Step 2:  

On most of the online tools, you have the option to add a caption with your QR code. This feature allows you to give the right description to help the recruiter. For example, if you have added your website in the barcode, you can write, “Please scan to visit my official website”.  if you are confused and want to create engaging content, you can get help from experts who provide the best CV writing service.

  • Step 3: 

After you are done with personalizing and adding the caption, the next step is to download the QR code. Click on the insert option and find your document to add it to your resume. Make sure that the placement of the code is right where it can catch the eye of the readers.


If you are passionate about landing your dream job, standing out from other candidates is the main goal. To secure your job, you have to make sure that your resume is unique and engaging from others. You can achieve this goal by adding a QR code to your CV. By placing the QR code, you give the recruiter to learn more about you at both professional and personal levels. We hope after reading this blog, you know the importance and process of putting a QR code in your CV. So don’t wait; make your resume the best by using this simple yet highly effective practice.

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