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Vishwas Swaroopam (Statue of Belief) with Kalyan Tours.

We all understand how important it is to take a break from our mundane work routines and give our bodies and minds the rest they require. A perfect break visiting a religious place will not only re-energize your body, but it will also reinvigorate your mind, reduce emotional and physical exhaustion, and provide a fresh perspective on your work-life balance.

The top five tallest Shiva statues in the world are as follows:

 1. Vishwas Swaroopam (Statue of Belief) in Rajasthan

 2. Kailashnath Mahadev Mandir in Nepal

 3. Murudeshwar Mandir in Karnataka

 4. Adiyogi Mandir in Tamilnadu

 5. Mangal Mahadev in Mauritius.

Statute of Belief, Nathdwara

He is all and everything. He is the Universe. The world’s tallest Shiva statue was inaugurated, as was widely known. Vishwas Swaroopam, a 369-foot-tall majestic figure, will be seen from 20 kilometers away on October 29, 2022. Shiva, who is also referred to as the destroyer, is worshiped by both humans as well as other creatures. Morari Bapu, a Gujarati spiritual guide and preacher, dedicated the 369-foot-tall Lord Shiva monument in Nathdwara town, Rajsamand district.

  • 10 years to Construct

This impressive statue took ten years to construct. It is situated on a hill and constructed on the Ganesh Tekri of Nathdwara. Lord Shiva was seen in the statue holding a trishula in his left hand while sitting with his legs crossed. It is visible from 20 kilometers away.

Moreover, special lighting has been set up to ensure that this monument may be seen well even at night.

According to Sansthan trustee and chairman of the Miraj group Madan Paliwal, “This marvelous statue of Lord Shiva built in the city of Shreenathji will add a new dimension to religious tourism.”

It’s also fascinating to see how this 369-foot Shiva statue came to hold the record for the highest Shiva statue in the world. It was intended to preserve this statue’s height at 251 feet when the construction plan for it was created in the year 2012. Yet later, while it was being built, its height was 351 feet. After that, it was intended to put Ganga’s water stream in Shiva’s hair, raising the height to 369 feet.

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The construction required 3000 tonnes of steel, iron, and 2.5 lakh cubic tonnes of sand and concrete. Even 250 km/h winds won’t affect the statue. The statue, which stands 351 feet tall, was created by Studio Matu Ram Art, who also came up with the idea. The structural design was produced by Skeleton Consultants, and the project’s construction began in early 2016.

How to Tour This Spiritual Site?

Have you ever wondered if there is a place for people of all ages, where a four-year-old child may play and an 80-year-old man can pray?

Here in Nathdwara at the Statute of belief, everyone of any age can enjoy a good time.

Easy methods to tour the entire statue of belief

  • In order to visit the Statue of Belief, also known as Vishwa Swaroop, we must first purchase our own tickets.
  • Shiv Gate is 400 meters apart from the Main Gate.
  • There are also cards and other facilities provided here.
  • The Hanuman ji idol may be found on the left side as soon as we enter the Shiva temple.
  • The guests can also use amenities like the rainforest, cafe, and food court for eating.
  •  A gaming zone and a supply of go-karts are also available for enjoyment here.
  • The water tank is Rs 200 in price.
  • Although there is parking service available still for a relaxing ride, Hire a tempo traveler in Udaipur from Kalyan Tours for a memorable ride with your loved ones.


This Big Shiva monument in Nathdwara will be the most visited attraction in 2023:

  • The largest statue in the world is 351 feet in length overall.
  • The idol’s visage of Lord Shiva will be 70 feet long in total.
  • Moreover, there is a 315-foot-long trident in Shiva’s hands on the idol of Lord Shiva.
  • In contrast to other idols, this one depicts Lord Shiva sitting peacefully rather than bestowing blessings and holding the Trishul.
  • This Mahadev ji’s sitting idol is visible to everyone from a distance of at least 20 km.
  • Two 74-foot-high lifts will be built on this idol to make it easier for people who are traveling from a distance to see it.
  • The top of this elevator will be near Mahadev Ji’s throat.
  • The statue would have a total space of 27 thousand square feet within the 6 lahks 74 thousand square foot structure.

Moreover, special lighting has been set up to ensure that this monument may be seen well even at night. Many are really excited about the unveiling of this statue, and many of the posts are going viral. Moreover, this statue has corridors, stairs, elevators, and other features.

How to Visit?

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Bottom Line

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