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Top Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Cheap Office Chairs

With work from home still being continued, it is time you take a backseat and decide if you are willing to work in the same unfavorable conditions or get some new pieces of furniture. Although you can use any table as a workstation, the chair is the most important piece of furniture your home office needs. If the chosen chair is not perfect or ergonomic, you will undoubtedly have back pain, sore and stiff muscles, and even lower productivity. And to be honest, all these aren’t good for your health.

Therefore, choosing ergonomic office chairs in NZ is crucial for every person looking forward to working from home. But then again, there are so many different options in the market. Choosing the best furniture for your home office will be challenging. There are mistakes that people make unknowingly and end up with the wrong investment. So, to help you in this process, we have crafted a comprehensive guide explaining some mistakes you should be aware of at any cost while looking through home office furniture.

Going for a regular chair for the home office

The first mistake people usually make while looking through different home office furniture pieces is choosing a regular chair. You can use the regular chair to eat, relax in the lounge, or sit on the backyard patio. But when it comes to the home office, you can never do good with the regular chair. There are many reasons for the same. For instance:

  1. A regular chair can offer a different level of comfort than you need to work for long hours.
  2. If you continue to work with a regular chair, you may soon suffer from some postural diseases, like spondylosis.
  3. You will also have a stiff back and sorer muscles if you sit on a regular chair and work for nine hours straight.
  4. There is no way you will be able to adjust the inclination of the backrest or the chair’s height with traditional furniture, which is one of the prime drawbacks that need immediate attention.

Not considering the adjustable features

The ergonomic office chairs often come with several adjustable features. This is to ensure the person sitting on the furniture can work comfortably and get relief from soreness and stiffness in different parts of the body. However, not all chairs come with the same level of adjustability. For instance, if one chair has an adjustable armrest height, the other might have a different one. But that doesn’t mean the second one is not ergonomic.

When you scout through the ergonomic office chairs collection, it is best to pay attention to the adjustable features. In addition, you should also consider the extent to which they can be adjusted. Below are some examples that will help you to understand the concept further.

  1. First, when looking through ergonomic home office furniture, check if you can adjust the height of the same. If you cannot change the height, you may have to lean forward or stretch your arms and neck.
  2. Also, it would be best if you changed the armrest’s height. This way, you can comfortably rest your arms on the side handles without worrying about having pain in your arms.
  3. Most often, ergonomic office chairs come with adjustable backrests. For instance, you can set a particular inclination and lock the lever to fix the backrest. In other cases, you can push back the backrest and lean backward quickly.

Prioritizing money over comfort

While looking through various home office furniture pieces, you shouldn’t prioritize money over comfort. If you do so, there are high chances you will end up with the wrong product, which will be no good. In addition, you might only get a chair that will meet some of your requirements.

If you are worried about the money, you can go for the boxing day sale to buy the office chair. It will be way more beneficial than thinking about saving tons without caring if the concerned chair is comfortable at all or not.

Not paying attention to the store

When you want a cheap office chair, you should pay proper attention to the store. Failure to do so will lead to huge problems, especially since your health will be at stake. Therefore, the best thing you can do is check whether the store offers office chairs made from high-quality frame material.

Also, ensure the chairs are upholstered and foam padded because these ensure maximum comfort. Apart from this, you also need to check the festive sale offered at the furniture store because that will help you save a lot on your purchase.


In this article, we walked you through some of the most critical mistakes you shouldn’t make at any cost. When you want a cheap office chair, your expectations are justified but not when you do not consider your comfort, health, and product quality.

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