Qui gon jinn lightsaber

Tips for Successful Lightsaber Dueling

Are you looking for a quality lightsaber for dueling at home with your friends? If so, the first thing to do is to learn how to duel well using a lightsaber. So learning lightsaber dueling tricks, like a true Star Wars character, is essential for lightsaber dueling at home. And the first thing you ought to own is a Qui gon jinn lightsaber. With this tool, you can learn all the combat forms, or if you are not for dueling, you can have it displayed at your house.

So having your Qui gon lightsaber is not all you need to have. Alongside the lightsaber, you need to learn advanced dueling tricks to perform well with your lightsaber. So this means, for you to duel effectively, here are must-do tricks for you;

  • Training is a must. For you to duel effectively, training is the key. Practice makes perfect, and so are training for perfect combat postures. So while many lightsaber duelers ignore this tip, it is vital than you expect if securing victory is your goal. Staying in proper posture means maintaining balance, being focused, and correctly grounded. So training for perfect poses is suitable for enhancing defense and offense during dueling. To succeed, learn how to do the footwork and look for a lightweight lightsaber to encourage your aggression.
  • Ensure that your swings are under your control. To succeed in dueling, do not over swinging. Star wars characters may appear to be turning and clashing their lightsaber while dueling, but this is not the case. These swings are in their control. Over-swinging, in many cases, leads to losing battles because overswing means you are less focused, and the more you swing, the more you miss your target. So every swing needs to be calculated and controlled.
  • You must also master the art of breathing. Like any other sports activity, breathing is vital in lightsaber combats. Breathing helps you maintain posture in the fight, builds endurance and helps push your limits. And most importantly, during the critical times of winning, breathing keeps you calm. To master the art, you need to control your breaths. First, breathe from the stomach, take long breaths, and then use a light-weighted Qui gon lightsaber. To know more about this lightsaber, visit our website, and don’t forget to place your order.
  • Learn the spinning trick with your lightsaber. Swinging alone might not help if you want to win against your opponent. So it is crucial to learn the art of spinning. Once you master the art, you will make the best duelist in most of the lightsaber combats. Besides making you the best dueler, the art of spinning will improve your flexibility and offer a sure way of getting in your opponent’s head.

Mastering the above tricks will make you the best dueler, ensure your victory, and make your combat enjoyable; together with getting the dueling trick, having the Qui gon jinn lightsabers a win. The lightsaber has a perfectly smooth swing, a well-made metal hilt, and a rechargeable battery. In addition, it has 11 interchangeable colors with rainbow blade effects, and a 50W LED RGB Neopixel strip, and many more features.

For any Star Wars enthusiast, there is nothing sweeter than recreating lightsaber dueling moments. And what is sweeter is having the Qui gon lightsaber, a durable and combat-ready lightsaber. Apart from their dueling qualities, Qui gon jinn lightsabers are beautiful art pieces that can get used for home display and aggressive fighting mode. At Artsabers, you will get unique neopixel lightsabers that allow for many combat forms. If you plan to own a lightsaber, visit our website to select a quality one from our endless collections.

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