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The Top 8 Desert Camps in Jaisalmer for an Exhilarating Experience

A unique aspect of camping in Jaisalmer is the contrast between the boundless, meditative desert views that surround you and the opulence and celebrity treatment at the upmarket campsites. When in Jaisalmer, you may stay in the campgrounds ideally located near the city’s boundless desert vistas, ancient forts, and palaces. With camel safaris, soaring semi-arid mountains, and Jeep safaris in Jaisalmer,  the best desert camp in Jaisalmer offers a nomadic escape from everyday life. The following luxurious campsites on the Thar Desert provide contemporary facilities, restaurants, and bars so you may experience the imperial side of tourism.

Here is a list of Some of the Best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer:

  • Rajwada Desert Camp

When it comes to the best Desert camp in Jaisalmer, the Rajwada desert will be the first place someone recommended. Each place has its own authenticity, and being able to experience that authenticity may help to make a trip unforgettable. One such campground near the Sam sand dunes is Rajwada Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. It speaks of Rajasthani history and legacy, the grandeur and valor of the Rajput culture, and the enduring beauty of the Thar. It offers a range of campers, tents, and suites to accommodate our guests’ various needs. The campgrounds provide deluxe to modest sleeping accommodations. When you’re on holiday at this peaceful camp resort, the boutique camping resort offers a variety of entertainment options, including both indoor and outdoor sports. Here, you may enjoy a breathtaking glimpse of the fiery orange sunset; the camel safari in Jaisalmer also includes sand surfing and a magnificent sunrise over the breathtaking surroundings. Unique Characteristics that draw visitors, discuss and encourage further exploration amenities which are unique, amazing experiences accompanied with professional services.

  • Rajputana Desert Camp

The Rajputana desert campsites are attractively built close to the Sam sand dunes, 45 kilometers from the city of Jaisalmer, amid the desolate abandoned. These camps, which comprise more than 40 Swiss tents, ten AC villas, a restaurant camp, and a stage for a nightly musical dance show, are among the most popular in Jaisalmer. Also, this campsite is set back from other sites, which lessens noise. It is also a great bargain, with each night’s price starting at INR 3k*. Given that it provides all the necessary arrangements for camel and jeep desert safaris to visit a breathtaking sunset point at Sam, Rajputana Desert Camp is a great choice for a staycation in Jaisalmer.

  • The Mama’s  Resort & Camp

This peaceful location is located in the desolate town of Khuri, 42 kilometers from Jaisalmer, away from the bustle of the city and the chatter of neighboring campgrounds. For those seeking peace and quiet in the middle of no-land, man’s is the ideal spot to stay. Our campground is tinted in the hue of tradition and richness thanks to an outstanding combination of contemporary conveniences, cultural experiences, genuine cuisines, and architectural beauties. The location provides rustic and roomy Swiss luxury tents with personal pools along with deluxe and super deluxe air-conditioned villas. It is one of the most affordable luxury desert camps in Khuri, Jaisalmer, with deluxe cottages starting at INR 6500* per night.

  • Marvin Desert camp

Marvin Desert Camp in Jaisalmer usually offers spacious, opulent tents or suites with soft mattresses, private bathrooms, and regular air conditioning as luxury desert camp accommodations.  Your eagerly anticipated holiday fantasy will come true in the luxury tent in Jaisalmer at Marvin Desert Camp. The camp has a pool, spa, and other amenities in addition to on-site eating, camel rides, and other activities like desert safaris. Give them the opportunity to provide you and your family with the highest luxury services. The main goal is to make sure visitors enjoy their time with us. You will have a thrilling and unique experience at this lovely place.

  • The Serai Camp

The Serai camp is more of an imagined experience than it is a physical location. On more than 100 acres of desert scrub, a peaceful oasis has been established as a private estate. This campground at Bherwa, some 46 kilometers west of Jaisalmer City, is unique in all of Jaisalmer. 14 of the 21 opulent tents are tented suites, and 7 of the deluxe tented suites include private gardens and pools with jacuzzi jets. The location, which is modeled after the royal caravan camps of Rajputana history, provides a spa, an outdoor pool, dining tents, and lounge tents. While it costs a lot, Serai Camp in Jaisalmer is the only desert camp that provides the glamping experience.

  • Atulya Garh Marwar

Atulya Garh Marwar, one of the best desert resorts and camps, is located in the village of Khuri, 45 kilometers from the city of Jaisalmer. It is a home away from home, albeit one inside a luxurious tent. The opulent tents come with rustic furnishings, a queen bed, a coffee maker, a wardrobe, and individual restrooms. There are many different types of accommodations to select from depending on your interests, ranging from very luxury suites to deluxe swiss tents. At a starting rate of INR 5000* per night, guests may enjoy 24-hour room service, housekeeping, all the essential contemporary conveniences, musical performances with traditional dance, and supper.

  • Le Royal Camps

Another fantastic place to consider for your stay when visiting Jaisalmer is le Royal Camps. It is located adjacent to Sam Sand Dunes in Kanoi Village. These are upscale, sand-dune-adjacent campsites that have been in operation for more than ten years. They have a total of 26 rooms, including 5 luxury cottages, 8 deluxe Swiss tents, and 11 royal suites. They also provide free wi-fi, an outdoor bar and restaurant, camel and jeep safaris, round-the-clock room service, a bonfire, a DJ, and many other amenities. With incredible theatrical acts taking place here at night beneath a starlit sky, Le Royal Camps is a great value beginning at INR 4600*.

  • Camp Dangri Desert Safari

 You may organize a desert or jeep safari, eat in the open restaurant, take in the musical nights while stargazing, and request a private dancing area with the 45 well-maintained tents by experienced personnel. You may schedule a night safari excursion in a Jeep at Dangri, a thrilling adventure that is only offered at a few campgrounds. You may reserve a night’s stay here for INR 4500* by getting in touch with the camp staff or the staff providing Jaisalmer tour packages.

  • Let’s Conclude

Here are some of the best desert camp in Jaisalmer you should take into account for your staycation in Jaisalmer’s Thar desert. When you visit the Golden City of Jaisalmer, you can smell the royalty of the Rajputs and the courage of the soldiers of yore; if you remain for a while, you can really feel it.

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