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The Fashionista’s Guide to Styling the Crop Top

Crop tops are quite a rage. Although they started as a novelty back in the early 2000s, they have come to capture the imagination of every fashionista and continue to be an essential part of your wardrobe.

No matter what your aesthetic is – chic or casual, sporty or cute – crop tops come in every shape and form, and there’s something for everyone.

Why Crop Tops Are a Rage: The convenience provided by a simple fabric is always unsurpassed. Crop tops are niche and unique. They give just a glimpse of your fabulous silhouette, yet leave room for imagination.

The sheer comfort and innovative patterns that crop tops help you encapsulate help keep them above other options. The fabric choice,  designs, patterns, and shades – all are never-ending; you do not have to compromise with mobility or style.

Style queens and influencers have been successful in giving a facelift to the crop top globally by showing various ways of pairing it up with your daily attire. Celebrities too have bought into the crop top trend and can be seen sporting one frequently.

No wonder crop tops have everyone impressed as it continues to rule the fashion trends season in and season out.

Different Ways to Style Your Crop Top:

Do you need tips on how to style it? Confused as to make the look work at college or at the club? Well, no matter what crop top you have in your wardrobe, you can always use it to create a spectacular ensemble. Here’s how:

1. Crop Top + Jeans:- Jeans are the perfect medium to showcase your crop top to the world. Distressed or stone-washed jeans – whether low waist or high waist – look great with crop tops. Try it with boyfriend jeans and one is bound to fall in love with the look.

2. Crop Top + High-Waisted Trousers:-

High-waisted pants or skirts and crop tops are a seamless match, to say the least. If you need to look taller, this combination helps, by making the torso appear longer. Simply add heels and watch the magic unfold on a Summer afternoon. Pantsuits with crop tops will give a great girl-boss vibe.

3. Crop Top + Leisure:-  

A neutral color in sweatpants when matched with a laidback crop top in pastels or nudes makes for a great leisure attire that helps you express your creativity. Put comfort at the forefront with this style.

4. Crop Top + Casual Chic:-  Prints, patterns, and pop colors aren’t the only way forward in fashion. Try breaking up the look by revealing just a hint of the skin through a black cropped tee under your casual chic daily wear. A perfect way to flaunt the abs, get noticed, and keep being stylish.

5. Crop Top + Denim:- Denim on denim is a great blend no matter what critics say. Channel your inner model by making this bold move and layering with a crop top.

This a smart move that helps you transform any work outfit into a casual dining-out attire in a minute.

6. Where to Get It: Your one-stop solution for crop tops ought to be mershopi. The fabric quality and designs offered are unmatched by any other online retailer.

Especially in demand is the champion’s crop top for women. The cool minimalist design works in any ensemble, hangs loose nicely owing to the oversized style, and helps you accentuate that slouchy silhouette.

This loose-fit t-shirt is crafted from 100% cotton and provides you with superior comfort. The t-shirt is available in Oxford grey and can go with any event, no matter what time of the day.


The style icon is made not overnight but through deliberate attempts at curating the best look.

A humble crop top gives you so many options to experiment with. Armed with this treasure trove of fashion knowledge, head over to the thrift shop today and create ensembles like no other.

If you are confused about where to start, we have tips in place for you. You can start off with the women’s champion crop top from, pair it with denim shorts and have everyone turn around.

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