Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine over Traditional Cure: Why?

What’s your first move when you get a bruise or pain in any part of your body? Heading to the kitchen cabinet for a painkiller might be your first move. Well, it’s been a norm for ages, so no one finds it unusual. After all, we’ve always looked up to medications to heal us when we get sick or injured.

In short, the availability of ready-to-eat painkillers, vaccines, and antibiotics has made us lazier in shifting to a healthier yet effortful well-being regime.

While modern medication has surely enhanced the human experience, we remain at the mercy of nature. However, the advent of regenerative medicine has turned the tables of traditional capsules upside down. What do we mean by regenerative medicines and their impact on the industry? Let’s reveal it below.

Regenerative Medicine and How Does it Works

By combining biology and engineering principles, regenerative medicines in Dubai create therapies categorized by cell depletion, lost tissues, and damaged organs. In a broader view, the idea is to regenerate and replace tissue using natural mechanisms like stem cells.

Therapies like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells allow the body to utilize its natural healing agents to support the growth of new tissues to cure injuries.

Adopting a regenerative cure is better for healing your bruises and injuries than traditional medications. Here’s how it’ll help you too.

  • It helps you Avoid Surgery.

The first thing that comes to mind when opting for regenerative medication is that it’s a non-surgical way of healing. Unlike traditional ways, it might take a few more days to show up with results, but it won’t stick you to bed for weeks. Since it’s a non-invasive technique, there’s minimal pain attached to it.

While most patients may feel sore and achy at the injected site, it’s far less than the pain with a surgical approach. This way, a regenerative cure helps your body heal with its cells without needing any external factor.

  • Safer Alternative

As mentioned, regenerative medicines utilize the body’s natural healing ability to relieve pain and restore the health of injured organs, joints, or cartilage. It means there’re little to no adverse side effects associated with the treatment. This medical approach is even safer for children as they’re frightened of going under the knife.

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Conversely, with traditional medication, patients might experience pain, nausea, infections, blood clots, and so much more. Not only is it a lot to process for the body, but for the mind as well.

  • Healing Occurs Faster

Another benefit that tags along the regenerative medicine is the allowance of getting back to your regular chores almost instantly. Also, it’s been known for healing patients faster than all the traditional approaches.

For instance, stem cells and platelet-rich plasma meticulously work to repair injured joints and tissues. As a result, it promotes the body’s ability to heal after an injury. Although it might take a few weeks to notice a difference, you’ll see a dramatic difference with physical therapies.

  • Possess Lower Risks

Experts usually assume a regenerative treatment process with lower risk as our cells interact with healing the injuries. On the other hand, traditional surgeries possess multiple health risks during or post-treatment. Often, you only realize the side effects once they get fatal. 

But, with regenerative approaches like stem cells, the physician utilizes fats from either body fat or bone marrow. In PRP therapy, platelets are separated from the blood to mix with your plasma after the blood is drawn.

  • No General Anesthesia

Since technological solutions are involved, the physician will use ultrasound technology to ensure the injection is done in the right area. While they might give you some numbing injections before the medicine for minimal discomfort, there’s no need for general anesthesia.

If you’ve already been taking medication, you may discuss it with the doctor until you see results via regenerative medicines. Even experts at AEON Clinic in Dubai believe pouring in your queries with the physician beforehand is wise.

Final Thoughts

As capsules can only help you get short-term relief to make your pain manageable, they won’t help your body stay healthy for long. That’s where regenerative medication steps in. With these amazing perks of regenerative medicine, it’s about time to consider the therapies to encourage wellness and pain reduction.

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