Nursing Jobs in Singapore

Know More About Nursing Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is a nation with a highly developed economy and excellent job prospects. All industries have grown as a result, and families can now live comfortably. One convenience is the healthcare system in Singapore. One of the best healthcare systems worldwide is found in this nation. In a concentrated endeavor in 1994, the Ministry of Healthcare strengthened and expanded its healthcare system.

Also, this created opportunities for Indian nurses to relocate there and work in institutions in both the public and private sectors. Since then, a mutually beneficial relationship has helped the two countries satisfy the needs of nursing personnel and foster the growth of brilliant careers.

Nurses in Singapore Might be Either Enrolled or Registered.

Singapore has two different categories of nurses: registered nurses and enrolled nurses.

Registered nurses (RN) and enrolled nurses (EN) get specific training and thus obviously have diverse practice areas. As it is, RNs are the ones that have direct control over ENs. They aid registered nurses in giving the patient comprehensive treatment.

You can advance to the position of Senior Enrolled Nurse and assume greater responsibility if you are admitted as an enrolled nurse. By registering for Post-NITEC courses, you can also advance your education. A Registered Nurse can advance from being an Enrolled Nurse with further education and strong academic standing.

You don’t have to be an EN first to become an RN, so keep that in mind. You have the option to start studying right away to become a registered nurse. In the following sections, we’ll review the additional career opportunities available to registered nurses.

Nursing Careers in Singapore for Indian Nurses: Where to Begin

It is not difficult for Indian nurses to find employment as nurses in Singapore. All you have to do is search for nursing job vacancies. Also, you can visit our website to get the most recent job openings and the qualifications needed to apply. You have two options when sending your resume: you can do it yourself or use our support.

You will receive an interview call once you are chosen. You might have to take numerous tests after you pass the interview. Oral tests, written exams (based on the demands of the work), and finally, the SNB exam are all part of the testing process. They will send you the offer letter if you pass all the exams. After receiving the offer letter, the subsequent process is straightforward, and you can begin working in Singapore immediately.

SNB License Exam: What Is It?

You must complete the SNB license exam before you may begin working as a nurse in Singapore. Singapore Nursing Council is the official name of SNB. Following your success in the exam, the authority issues you an SNB license. Qualified nurses are permitted to start their careers in Singapore. The most incredible thing is that you can relocate to other nations with an SNB certificate.

In nations like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Ireland, having an SNB license makes it easier for you to find employment. After you take the exam, it takes 15 days to a month. You can submit a job application for the nation once you pass the exam. You can apply for a visa once you obtain your work permit. You can apply for a visa once you obtain your work permit.

The authority will look over your paperwork when the visa is processed. You can travel to Singapore once you have received the visa. Most of the time, the employer where the candidate will work is responsible for covering the candidate’s travel expenses. It takes approx three to four months for individuals interested in finding employment in Singapore.

What to Anticipate from Nursing Positions for Indian Nurses in Singapore?

Singapore is known for its world-class medical facilities and has a varied population. You will have many options if you adjust your working style and conduct yourself professionally. A language barrier is not an issue when looking for nursing jobs in Singapore. Chinese, Malay, Indian, and British cultures are all represented in the region’s 42% foreign population, which makes it a cultural melting pot. Due to this, many nurses are seeking employment in Singapore from other nations.

  • A Secure Nation Where One can Live and Work Safely

Singapore is the fifth-least corrupt nation in the world, in case you didn’t already know that. A very low level of crime is present. For Indian parents, the ability of their children to work in a secure setting is a top priority. Singapore also offers an environment that is 100 percent safe. Your qualifications and experience will determine if you are hired in full. Singapore is a good destination to begin our nursing careers because of all of these factors.

  • A High Salary

Finding a high-paying nursing job in Singapore is simply because of the country’s strong economy and first-rate healthcare facilities. In Singapore, a nursing staff member can expect to make between 1800 SGD and 5000 SGD monthly (109,588.86 Indian Rupee) (304,413.50 Indian Rupee). Enrolled nurses, on the other hand, can anticipate receiving between 1500 and 2500 SGD. 91,324.05 Indian Rupees to 152,206.75 are comparable in currency.

  • It Would be Best If You Lived Comfortably.

You can live a luxurious life when working as a nurse in Singapore. There are exotic resorts, hotels, and vacation spots where you may unwind and experience life. With a high income, nursing is a very recognized profession in Singapore. Hence, you can live a pleasant life as a nurse and send money home.

  • A Work Permit and a Resident Permit are Easy to Obtain.

Singapore encourages skilled individuals to work there and help the country’s economy. Getting a working visa and residency permit will be simple if you receive an offer from a hospital or healthcare facility. The government website can be used as a starting point for your journey. The procedure is simple, and DHS can assist you at every stage. Also, the process can be finished more quicker here than in Europe.

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