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Jet Wash Cleaning of Your Patio DIY – A Few Simple Tips

Cleaning a patio with a pressure washer is nothing less than a doodle. But the natural inclination to remove weeds, grime, and dirt is not possible to deny. Let us go through this useful guide on patio cleaning with the help of a pressure washer. This easy and helpful guide shows how to accomplish the task in the right way. Moreover, it will also make you aware of the pitfalls associated with the task. Here we go!

There is hardly anyone who does love a clean garden. A patio is certainly the centerpiece. Keeping this in mind let us go about with our tips.

Sweeping is the First Step to Start with

While you are on the task make sure to sweep the paving stones of your patio first. As such there are lots of people who do not start this way. Why do we suggest so? The reason is simple; if you blast a pressure washer on a dirty patio you let the debris and fragmented stones fly in every direction. That may damage your windows, the washer, and much more explained professionals dealing in jetwash in London over the years. In the absence of a clean sweep, chances are pretty high that you will end up blasting the same loose debris and dirt over the paving slabs again.

Use of Safety Gears

Whenever you are using a power washer on paving slabs do not forget to put on those safety goggles. Wearing safety glasses over the eyes is a must whenever you are power washing your paving slabs. There is just no other opinion about it. Flying stone fragments may hit your eyes. Such untoward incidents may even blind your vision. It is also better to put on a pair of safety gloves as well. The flying debris and stone fragments may hurt and injure you badly.

Waterproofing Materials

You should never underestimate the thrust with which you get the spray back while cleaning a patio with a pressure washer. Expect yourself to get completely soaked irrespective of how well you may try to save yourself. If possible you can save your clothes with waterproofing materials.

Clear Out Everything or You May have to Clean Twice

Spray-backs easily travel for meters. In other words, this is to warn you that your garden decking, patio furniture, windows, and everything in between is likely to get muddy and dirty as a side effect of your cleaning. So it is necessary to take a little precaution in advance. The same is applicable to cleaning sunshades and gazebos. Either you can clear out everything from the patio before cleaning it with a pressure washer or cover up everything properly. Yet you have to clean the entire area once you are finished. But when you take precautions there is always less for you to clean.

Test the Power First Before Use

It is always important to test your pressure washer on a stone or flag that is out of the way. For a large patio, the corners are ideal for doing the testing. Make use of a generic setting anywhere within the range of 1,200 and 2,300 PSI. This setting provides you with sufficient power without applying much effort. When the pressure is excessively high the water jet proves damaging. It blasts off much more than grime on the surface and moss.

Power Washing a Patio – Simple and Easy Steps

  • The Preparation

You have to clear out everything on the patio. Make sure no garden furniture is in the way of pressure cleaning. Take away plant tops and ornaments too to make room for the cleaning.

  • Setting up the Pressure Washer Correctly

Connect up both the pressure washer and hose to a nearby tap that is easily accessible. Turn the tap on and pull the trigger. Trained and experienced professionals providing the service of jetwash near me in London suggest letting the water flow for around 20 to 30 seconds. If the water is slow then unkink and unwind the hose. Then plug into the mains and slide the switch on.

  • Washing the Patio

Do you want to use any detergent that is meant for pressure washing? If the answer is yes then apply it to the patio now. But before make sure the entire patio surface is wet. As such using detergent is not mandatory. But it helps get rid of stubborn stains and dirt explains professionals working at the VIP Carpet Cleaning London Ltd. It is a good idea to set the water pressure anywhere between 1,200 and 2,300 PSI. Point the washer at an angle of 45 degrees. Start from a corner of the patio and keep sweeping the spray across.

  • Make Use of the Lance

While in sweeping mode make sure to go easy on joints and lines. If you apply any wrong technique or too high pressure you may blast the sand out. This may later lead to stability issues. While attacking tougher moss, lichen, and algae you must switch to intense lancing mode. But if you are not confident about this part in that case it is better to get a specialist patio cleaning product.

  • Finishing Up

Here let us deal with something important. Every time you are done with the cleaning using a pressure washer you must first switch off and then disconnect the machine right from the water mains. Then turn it on once again immediately and pump the trigger. This removes any warm water that was left inside the machine. Your task is done and now leave the patio to get dry on its own.

How Bad is Pressure Washing for Patios?

This is a common misconception that exists regarding pressure washing patios. You can rest assured that pressure washing is not harmful to patios. However, you must learn how to power wash patios gently and with caution. If you are not careful performing the task then it may result in damages. 

Trained and experienced professionals working at Vip Carpet Cleaning London Ltd point out that pressure washing may damage natural stones and simple flags. It may even blast out sand from joints. To avoid these untoward incidents make sure to keep the pressure low and maintain a default nozzle. If the truth is to be said pressure washers are indeed a superb way to keep your patios clean from moss and algae.

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