Bitdefender Premium Security

Important Things About Bitdefender Premium Security Antivirus You Should Know

Many people think that Bitdefender Total Security antivirus software does not provide any protection against identity theft. While other prominent antivirus publishers like Norton, McAfee, and others provide protection for a user’s identity. Actually, that is never the case; Bitdefender does offer protection to users against identity theft. The point comes as a separate and standalone service. Norton, McAfee, and other publishers provide this service in one single package. You pay a single subscription to those other antivirus publishers to get this facility or service. Recently Bitdefender revamps its package and now identity protection is included as a vital element in the brand’s top security suite.   

This suite is called the Bitdefender Premium Security Plus in the UK. As far as the United States is concerned, the security suite is known by a changed name. There it is called Bitdefender Ultimate Security or something like that. The publisher has a reason for this but we will discuss it later.

In this review, the focus is mostly on Bitdefender Premium Security which does not provide your ID protection. Whether you are in the UK or in the USA or any other country in this world the package is the same for all businesses and personal use. It offers protection for 10 of your devices. The devices could be based on any operating platform including iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android.  

Premium Security is just the same as Bitdefender Total Security although it lacks the 200 MB VPN limit every day.

What other elements are included

Premium Security happens to be a mega suit of Bitdefender. It has a vast number of features. The features are so many that it is practically not possible to get used to every one of them. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore only a few main ones. It is important to note that the features vary according to functional systems. Most of the types are available in Windows and Android. 

  • Protection from malware (it also covers ransomware)
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-fraud
  • Anti-spam
  • Prevention from web attack
  • Anti-theft tools
  • Assessment of vulnerability
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor
  • VPN
  • File shredder
  • Game, movie, and work modes
  • The Safepay browser ensures protection in online banking
  • Robust performance optimizer
  • Battery mode
  • Monitoring of both microphone and webcam
  • Parental controls
  • Anti-tracking tools
  • A strong and reliable firewall
  • Protection in Social networking

This is all about Bitdefender Total Security. In Bitdefender Premium Security you get a few things extra. Those include –

  • A password manager
  • Unlimited VPN service

In addition to that Premium Security offers protection to ten of your devices while Total Security protects only 5.

In Premium Security Plus subscribers get digital ID Protection. The one thing that you do not get in the Bitdefender antivirus suite is cloud backup. Actually, no other brand offers this service other than Norton. Norton 360 is the only antivirus where you get cloud backup service. Norton also has another useful feature in the form of an updater. It automatically checks and updates any software that is out of date. It is important to mention Norton provides both cloud backup and updater features for its Windows users. The features are not available for users who are on any other operating system.

A list of features is only helpful in the initial levels when you have to take an informed decision. It is more important to find out whether the features are at all helpful. in the following section let us study a few features deeply.

Apps and interface

Once you select a package and sign up. Upon signing up the publisher sends you an activation code. You have to enter that code in the Bitdefender central website or the Bitdefender mobile app. Before entering the code you have to create an account. Then you can use the code to redeem the subscription. 

The Bitdefender Central website is a crucial portal. You can entirely manage your subscription through it. It also enables you to get an overview of how many licenses you have complete use of. Based on that, it sends links to the devices (of your family members or office staff). These links allow those users to install the Bitdefender antivirus software on their devices. These links include login details. As a result, it is easier than you may imagine for even novices to install the Bitdefender antivirus software application on their devices. Once the app is installed in the device the device gets protected by the antivirus software.

Bitdefender antivirus application provides a clean and clear interface. The interface itself instills the feeling among users that they are in a safe zone. If you are not a technical user then the best thing for you to do is use the default shortcuts that lead to services like System Scan, Quick Scan, Vulnerability Scan, and others. In fact, particularly these scans are always a little difficult to master.

  • Quick Scan performs the task that is implied by its name. it runs a full scan of the organization.
  • On the other hand Vulnerability Scan checks a device to prepare a list of weak passwords, out-of-date software applications, and system settings that have been changed from default.
  • A cyber security expert at Softwareland says Bitdefender has a dedicated Wi-Fi scan. It tracks whether you are using a weak authentication protocol or weak encryption itself.

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