Black Lightsaber in the Mandalorian

How to Plan Your Black Lightsaber in the Mandalorian Budget

Planning your Black Lightsaber in the Mandalorian budget is not an easy task because it is a rare and unique, yet very powerful weapon in The Star Wars universe. Therefore, acquiring one will most probably cost a fortune. Traditionally, the Black Lightsaber, also known as the Darksaber was won by besting its current wielder in combat. All the other methods of claiming ownership of the lightsaber were considered dubious and invalid amongst Star Wars fans. However, thanks to modern technology, there are many replicas of this rare gem in the Star Wars universe. At only $459, you will be sure to acquire the Mandalorian Neopixel Darksaber with Blade (Xenopixel V2 Mandalorian Darksword) from Artsabers. However, there are plenty of factors to consider when making a budget for your Mandalorian Black Lightsaber. Given the minimum price stands at $459, there are many things that you need to ensure that exist in a Darksaber before investing in it. The following are some of the factors that you need to consider as you plan to acquire the Mandalorian Black Lightsaber.

  • Taxes

Customs authorities are always very thorough to ensure that no penny slips through their fingers. As a result, any imports into a country are carefully scrutinized to ensure their taxes are dully paid. For Star Wars fans in the UK, for instance, the taxes payable include 20 percent of the lightsaber’s retail price in pounds plus other charges that may accrue. So, are you in the UK and wish to order your Mando Nopixel from Disney’s studios in Florida? Work out your calculations well and know how much you need to spend on taxes. The good news is that there are other considerate manufacturers and suppliers in the world who are caring enough to meet all these costs regardless of the order’s destination. For instance, if you purchase from Artsabers, you will simply have to meet the exact retail price and await your saber’s delivery to your doorstep. All the taxes are met by the manufacturer. So, before proceeding to place your order, check if the supplier you are contracting meets all the tax requirements. If not, keep searching so that you may remain within the Mandalorian budget.

  • Shipping Fees

Some air flights do not allow lightsabers within their cabins. Therefore, if you have built your lightsaber at Savi’s and you want to go home with it, you will have to ship it or keep searching for air flights that allow it on board. The cost of shipping a lightsaber depends on your destination. However, if you are shipping it within the United States, the cost should range between $12 and $15. When planning your Black Lightsaber in the Mandalorian budget, you have to consider the additional cost incurred on shipping fees to avoid being caught unawares. Although it is mandatory to incur additional charges when shipping a product from one place to the other, other suppliers can choose to meet the cost for you. For instance, Artsabers offers free shipping to all destinations across the world. This means that you can still stay within your budget and have the Mandalorian Black Lightsaber shipped right to your doorstep.

  • Replaceable Parts

You need to plan how to replace various parts of your Nopixel Mando. Parts such as the hilt, blade, batteries, and Kyber Crystal can become faulty, forcing the user to replace them. Therefore, acquiring the Darksaber at its retail price is not enough – you need to set aside some money to cater to the unforeseen faults. Luckily, all products from Artsabers come with a full one-year warranty from the date of delivery. During the warranty period, the company will replace or repair defective lightsabers or those with improper material or poor workmanship. While there is a warranty on most of their products, the warranty statement is also clear and should not be misinterpreted. If one subjects the lightsaber parts to wear and tear, the company will not be held responsible and the owner should meet any cost incurred. Therefore, it is important to plan for such occurrences to avoid unnecessary disappointments in the process of trying to replace or repair your Black Lightsaber within the Mandalorian budget.

  • Appropriate Accompaniments

There are many accompaniments needed by fighters wielding the Mandalorian Black Lightsaber. In the world far, far away, the Black Blade Mandalorian appeared in a distinctive black armor, wielding his specialized weaponry. Fans wishing to appear as the Mandalorian will also have to go the extra mile to acquire the armor that perfectly complements the Mandalorian Black Lightsaber. As a result, one needs to think about the fighting gear alongside the lightsaber when calculating the budget. Luckily, such armors are readily available and can be shipped together with the lightsaber if the buyer orders them in one invoice. This would save the company a lot of money while catering for the items’ shipment and taxation.

To conclude, it is clear that making a budget for your Mandalorian Black Lightsaber is not a walk in the park. It requires one to sit down and plan for all the necessary things and factors that are involved in the process of searching for the item, ordering it, and receiving it at home. Moreover, using the lightsaber requires prior planning as it requires certain inputs such as batteries for it to function. As noted, one has to consider aspects such as taxes involved and who has to meet them, the shipping costs, the availability of some replaceable parts such as batteries and Kyber Crystals that have to be bought separately, and other lightsaber accompaniments such as the appropriate fighter armor. Meeting all these expenses pushes the cost of a single Mandalorian Black Lightsaber so high that one might get discouraged from ever owning it. However, some good manufacturers still exist and often come in handy during such hard times. At Artsabers, taxation, and shipping costs never bother the buyer as the company meets them. Additionally, there is a very friendly warranty agreement that enables the buyer to make claims whenever there is a fault with the lightsaber and the company repairs or replaces the faulty part at no extra cost.

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