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Villas are mostly constructed in exclusive areas of the city. They must be built away from the crowd due to the demand for more and more privacy by the buyers.  Villas are modern in architecture and offer you the latest luxury lifestyle. Villa comes with all the amenities like a swimming pool, jogging path, playground for children, and gym. When talking about security, villas are more secure than independent houses. Villas are mainly situated in clean and safe, less polluted places without any heavy traffic around. Buying a villa or living in a villa defines your Social status, if you own a villa then you come from a high-class society. If you are looking to buy a villa in Bhubaneswar then there is many beautiful and prime location available where you can buy a villa in Bhubaneswar. Before buying any villa there are a few steps that you can follow which are given as

How to Buy a Villa?

Now if you have decided to buy a villa, we make it easier for you with a few steps. These steps help you in making your decision for a villa:

 How to Finalize The Budget?

When you are going to buy a villa then the budget is the most important thing. You have to decide the approximate amount by which you want to buy the villa in Bhubaneswar. Buying a villa is a one-time thing so make sure that the amount which you decide is satisfying for you and budget-friendly. If you don’t have enough savings then you can go for home loans. Home loan facilities are easily available nowadays.

Finalizing The Location and Property

After deciding on the budget, another important step to buy a villa is finalizing the location and the type of villa you want in the city. As per your requirement, you have to select the villa type, if your family have 6 or more member then the 4BHK villa suits you. And if you are buying it for investment purposes then 2 or 3BHK is suitable. But if you have a higher budget then you can go for a duplex villa.

After deciding on the villa type, location is one of the major things to focus on. All of us want to buy a villa in a premium location in the city. However, These prime locations have very high rates. You need to make the balance between the budget you have and the location in which you want to buy a villa in Bhubaneswar. Ensure that the location has all the amenities like Schools and colleges, hospitals, markets and malls, groceries, and ATMs within the 2-kilometer area.

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Check Resell Value of Your Villa

Before deciding on the location of your villa, you have to consider the resell value of your villa. Don’t just focus on the location of your villa, always consider the resell value of the property which you are going to buy. If you are just looking for the location then maybe in the future the value of your property may go down in comparison to others. So do proper research about this before you buy a villa.

EMI and Loan Eligibility

If anyone wants to buy and did not have enough money to make a down payment for the property then they can take the route of a home loan. There are many lenders available in the market who offers you home loans. But there are some criteria to check whether you are eligible to apply for a loan or not. The eligibility criteria of every bank differ as per the regulation of RBI.

Eligibility criteria are decided by Age, Salary, Credit score, work experience, etc.

After checking the eligibility criteria you can calculate the EMI which you have to pay during the decided period of time. Remember one important thing that always selects the time period and EMI according to your Financial condition. Your EMI should not be more than 30-40% of your salary.

Registration Fee and Stamp Duty

When you are going to buy a property there are some additional charges which you have to pay. Charges like Stamp duty, sale tax, registration charges, and income tax are paid. All these charges which you paid are collected by the government of India. The cost of these charges varies for every state as some states have higher charges than others.

Note: These charges are not included in the home loan.

Property Insurance

When you are buying your villa make sure that your property is insured. Property insurance makes your property’s future secure. By this, you can use the insurance amount on any issue related to your property like property title, legal issues, property damages, etc. There are many home insurance policies available in the market to choose from according to your requirement. All of them have different protection elements. After insurance of your property, you can live peacefully in this without having any problems.


In this article, we discuss how to buy a villa. We discuss some important topics in this which help you in choosing the right property for you. So if you are going to buy a villa in Bhubaneswar, follow all these steps mentioned above to choose the right property. There are also many property dealers and developers who can provide you with the best villa in Bhubaneswar. One of them is SquareAcre developers. They are trustworthy and provide you with the property at an affordable price. You can visit the SquareAcre office or you can go through the website.

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