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How Do You Install LED Strip Lights in a Kitchen and Living Room?

The birth story of LEDs is interesting. When we talk about LED’s history, you may hear of the Marconi or Madame Marie Curie lab. The said laboratories are sites of experiments about LED lighting. Several scientists, such as Henry Round, Oleg Losev, and others, are some of the pioneers of this specific lighting technology. Nevertheless, it was not until Nick Holonyak, Jr that LEDs became clearly understood. Today buying LED strip lights wholesale is an essential thing. Why? Because a significant percentage of residential and business premises use LED light strips. 

Notably, some owners say that LED light strips make their living room a haven to escape from the bustle of everyday life. Indeed, there is a relationship between peace of mind and light.

In recent years, LEDs are taking over incandescent bulbs. The reasons lie with the fathomable properties of LED.

Why are LEDs loved?

The love for LEDs as a lighting option rest with the following:

  • Long Lifespan: LEDs are far much superior to incandescent bulbs. This type of lighting solution emits light twice longer than ideal halogen bulbs. It is estimated that the average hours of LEDs is 50000 hours, while most incandescent options reach up to 20000 hours. No wonder LEDs are also referred to as the light of modernization.
  • Energy Efficient: LEDs are better energy conservers than halogen bulbs. This particular quality goes in line with the global goal of environmental conservation. Additionally, it does help many save their financial resources in the long run.
  • No Heat: Since ancient times, light has often been associated with heat. From antique oil lamps to modern halogen bulbs, all these lighting options produce a significant amount of heat. Conversely, the percentage of heat released by LEDS is far less than what any oil lamp or halogen bulb releases. This admirable property makes LEDs the number one choice for many applications in residential areas and business premises.

Generally, LEDs are a safe-to-use lighting solution. We will look at two key areas to install LED light strips. However, before we discuss retrofits, here are three critical points to consider before installing.

Type of Lighting

In light designing, there are three main types of light to consider when selecting lighting solutions. It includes:

  • Ambient Lighting: This is the overall lighting of a space. You can design perfect ambient lighting through layering. For instance, consider LED strip lights living room and chandeliers. It is important to note that ambient lighting is the basis or foundation of lighting any space since it determines the mood and feel of any area.
  • Task Lighting: You may need task lighting when considering a specific task. Task lighting is adequate in various spaces, such as where you read, write, sew, and even prepare meals.
  • Accent Lighting: This specific lighting option is perfect for achieving an aesthetic appeal. The best way to display various vital aspects of your décor or area is by considering Led strip lights as your accent lighting.

What is the Strip Length Required?

You will get various reel lengths when purchasing LED strip lights wholesale. The reel length of LED strip lights is different. Most of the 12volts DC categories are in 5Metres. You may get 24v DC in a reel length of 10 meters. You can cut the light strip in a preferred size to suit your project.

  • Area

Most importantly, you must consider the installation area before installing LEDs. Different regions may need unique strips such as waterproof. You may also picture a specific color pattern in your lighting and choose a multicolor LED light strip.

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Using the above three pointers, let’s see how you can successfully install LED strip lights in two vital spaces of your house: the kitchen and the living room.

Installing Kitchen LED Light Strip.

The kitchen is a high-traffic area that needs efficient lighting. Hence you can use kitchen LED light strips as a perfect option for:

  • Ambient Lighting: Contribute to your kitchen’s overall lighting by selecting and installing LED strip lights. How do you accomplish this? Mount the strips above the kitchen cabinets to attain excellent ambient lighting. Another way to have an even light distribution in your kitchen is by layering the LED strip lights together with other options, such as disk lights.
  • LED Strip Lights as Your Kitchen Task Light: The kitchen utilizes much task lighting. Install the strip lights under cabinets to perfectly illuminate the surfaces you are working from.
  • Accent Lighting:  If you desire a decorative appeal for different spaces of your kitchen area, then using RGB/W LED strips is an excellent move. Color alternations can widen your choices in styles that fit the day’s mood. Specific areas to install them are around the pantry or kitchen island and even beneath cabinets along the backsplash.

Consider Color Temperature while installing kitchen LED light strips

Just like installing other lighting fixtures, it is essential to consider color temperature while mounting your LED strip lights in the kitchen. To achieve an efficient task lighting effect, you can choose a cold white color (over 5000K) which is ideal for areas illuminating your prep location.

Other factors include the following:

  • Avoid flickering issues by ensuring you have excellent connections. Most of the time, the 12v DC kitchen LED light strip is perfect for uniform illumination.
  • Flexible strip lights are good as they can bend to suit the design of the cabinets or other areas of your kitchen.
  • Select waterproof LED light strips as they are water resistant. Therefore, remember to check the IP rating.
  • Choosing adjustable colors is a pro move. Why? It can help you auto-tune the colors to fit the weather and mood of the day.

Installing LED Strip Lights Living Room

Often when we think of LED strip lights, our mind quickly envisions the living room area. Strip lights are the go-to option when you think of an admirable light design in your living area. There are various places to consider:

Install LED Strip Lights Living Room on the Ceiling: This is a fantastic way to add ambiance to your living room. Remember, you can use LED strip lights solely or layer them with other lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers or disk lights. Additionally, you can settle for color-changing LED strip lights to suit the mood, i.e., when you are hosting a party or need to relax calmly.

Accent Lighting

Illuminate specific features of your living room area through LED light strips. There are tons of options available. They include:

  • TV: Run your LED strip lights around your TV to give it an aesthetic appeal. It can also make it the accent point of the living room.
  • Furniture: You can mount LED strip lights beneath your furniture, such as under sofas or coffee tables. Add an artistic style by opting for color-changing LED strip lights living room.
  • Wall: Consider mounting LEDs horizontally or vertically on walls, beneath hanging shelves, or hanging portrays to showcase accent points of your living room.
  • Stairs: LED strip lights stairs are a captivating installation. It is an accent feature and can illuminate the stairs and make your home inviting. Place the strip lights on the underside of the treads or the rise. You can alternate the mounting area for overall appeal depending on how you want to achieve your light design.

What Color Should You Choose?

You can include any color of your choice, especially when using the RGB or RGBW light strips.

Get Started on Installing LED Strip Lights in the Kitchen and Living Room

LED strip lights can be the facelift that your specific area needs. It is easy to install and doesn’t cost time and financial resources. If you are planning for that retrofit in your kitchen or living area, then it’s time to look for LED strip lights wholesale. You can easily purchase online at minxuex.

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