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Here’s What You Should Know About Roasted Sewai! 

Sewai is one of the most popular dishes in India. It is a dessert that is cherished by every citizen of the country on special occasions. But have you ever tried roasted sewai? Taste-wise, it is not something different from the normal sewai that you have, but considering its quality, nutritional value, and everything, roasted sewai is something that you should try. 

Consider purchasing sewai from the best place- Saha Udyog Foods. It will taste like pure bliss once it melts down your throat. It is one of the best packaged roasted sewai that you will ever taste. Containing the right amount of nutrients and proteins, it will simply give you a boost. 

Let us tell you something about the roasted sewai from Saha Udyog Foods. 

Know About the Roasted Sewai from Saha Udyog Foods! 

Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients that every food should have in the right quantity. Protein is required for the well-being and growth of the human body and also helps in repairing the body cells. The presence of protein in any food affects the growth of the children. The content of amino acids called building blocks is important for the growth of the human body. 

To give your child this right content of protein along with taste, you can get your hands on the roasted sewai of Saha Udyog Foods from Amazon and Flipkart. So, don’t wait, and get your hands on this mouth-watering roasted sewai, which is worth the investment.

How Can You Prepare It? 

Roasted sewai is one of the easiest desserts that you can prepare with just milk and dry fruits. Although it is a dessert meant for special occasions, you can also try it out for normal dessert days.

Moreover, it is a dish that can be prepared within a few minutes and won’t even need many ingredients. Well, for your convenience, here is a list of ingredients of sewai. Let us see.

Ingredients of sewai! 

With two tablespoons of butter and 100 grams of sewai, you will need to add 25 grams of cashew nuts, almonds, and raisins. 600 ml of milk and three tablespoons of sugar. Lastly, you will need to add five green cardamom cloves and a pinch of saffron.

If you want to make it more interesting, here are some extra tips that you can apply for preparing sewai.

Tip # 1: A different type of nuts, such as dates, to the sewai, just to make it more delicious and full.

Tip # 2: it is always better if served neither too cold nor too hot for the best taste.

What Should You Know About Roasted Sewai? 

Here are some of the following things that you should know about roasted sewai.

Things to know # 1: Know About the Storage! 

When you purchase sewai, storing it in a cool and dry place will always be better. Make sure you are storing it in an airtight container.

Things to know # 2: Know About the Shelf Life! 

If the roasted sewai is in its dehydrated form, in that case, it gets a shelf life of more than a year.

Things to know # 3: Know About the Package 

If you are ready to purchase roasted sewai from Saha Udyog Foods, then you should definitely get their package available in 250g.

A Quick Wrap-Up! 

If you are getting all decked up for Eid, or any other occasion, then preparing sewai will be the most delightful idea. To get the best roasted sevai packet, visit Saha Udyog Foods.

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