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Few Invisalign Facts That Help Patients Take an Informed Decision

Invisalign is a reliable procedure to straighten the teeth over the years. There are innumerable reasons that contribute to its overwhelming popularity. The innovative technology makes use of discreet clear aligners. It has helped countless people across the whole world to achieve straightened teeth and boost self-reliance. If you suffer from malocclusion and are confused about which option to choose then we have something important to tell you. Invisalign is an excellent procedure to cure problems of malocclusion. It could be an ideal option for you. But it is important for you to be aware of certain facts related to this revolutionary tooth straightening procedure.

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore a list of facts that you should know. This will help you make an informed decision.

Invisalign Straightens the Tooth by Using a Series of Aligners

In most of the pictures related to Invisalign, you see patients holding a clear aligner. So, the thought is obvious that this is the only equipment that is used to straighten a patient’s teeth. The fact is somewhat the opposite. By no means does Invisalign happen to be a one-off static treatment. While straightening the teeth with Invisalign you will get to witness the innovative technology makes use of several sets of bespoke aligners made from clear transparent plastic. On average, you will switch over to a new set of aligners every couple of weeks.

The Procedure Usually Lasts About a Year

As far as orthodontic dentistry is concerned the treatment varies significantly from case to case. As a part of orthodontic dentistry Invisalign is no exception. Depending on the level of your malocclusion and certain other factors the treatment time is going to vary with other patients. The good part is your Invisalign dentist can tell you a definite timeframe to achieve your dream smile before the start of the treatment. In fact, this aspect will be cleared right after the initial conversation with your Invisalign specialist. Unlike many other orthodontic procedures, Invisalign cases usually do not extend long.  Expert orthodontists trained in Invisalign and working at the Chatfield Dental Braces point out that average patients complete the treatment and achieve their dream smile within a span of 6 months flat!

Invisalign is Effective Enough to Cure Different Types of Malocclusions

The cutting-edge orthodontic proves to be flexible enough to correct a number of crooked bites. Dentists all over the world prescribe the procedure to correct the following types of cases.

  • Crowded teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gapped teeth

Different categories of patients suffering from different types of orthodontic problems find a common thread in Invisalign to cure their problems.

Invisalign Aligners are Easily Removable

We have already told you a fact about Invisalign which is an effective option to straighten the teeth. But what we yet have not said is that it is also a very convenient procedure and does not create any disruption along the normal course of your life. In other words, unlike many other orthodontic procedures, it allows you to run your life smoothly throughout the treatment phase. You have to keep wearing the aligners consistently for 22 hours a day for expected and timely results. On the other hand, you can easily take out the removable aligners to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks as well as to maintain optimal oral hygiene. There is no dietary restriction for patients undergoing the procedure.

Invisalign is a Reliable Option to Straighten the Teeth for Adults

Several zillions of people around the planet have already straightened their teeth with these clear plastic aligners. A large number of these patients are adults. In easier words, Invisalign is a highly feasible teeth straightening option for adults and grownups. It offers discreet treatment that almost every adult orthodontic patient looks for. The clear transparent aligners prove ideal for every category of professionals including the following.

  • Top-notch corporate executives and industry captains
  • People involved with various branches of performing arts. For these people, their physical appearance is crucial for their job
  • Ordinary people, who are self-conscious when it comes to wearing traditional orthodontic braces    

Invisalign is Not Universally Suitable for Everyone

We already know that cutting-edge dental treatment can correct a variety of malocclusion issues. It can close the gap between adjacent teeth, reduce the crowding effect, and straighten tilted or crooked teeth. It even corrects bite issues that range from mild to moderate. However, for patients with severe bite issues, it may not be an ideal option. If you have any other serious problem related to the teeth and the gums other than misaligned bite your dentist may club Invisalign with some other treatments to help you achieve the desired results.

The Clear Plastic Aligners are Prone to Picking up Stains

Certain beverages can stain your discreet plastic aligners. While enjoying your Invisalign journey you must be particularly careful about those beverages. It is better to cut down both on the quantity and frequency of having your favorite beverages like coffee and red wine. Other than plain water you should always take the aligners out before having a sip of any drink. Once your aligner trays pick up stains, they will no longer remain discreet and virtually invisible in your mouth. Rather they will grab more attention then.

You May Undergo Weight Loss

As you start on your invisalign journey nibbling on snacks becomes more inconvenient. You have to take the aligners off, brush the teeth, and finally wear the aligners back again every time to chew on some victuals or the other. A large number of people find this series of actions quite troublesome. They stop sinking their teeth into snacks. In the course of time, their senseless snacking habit just vanishes in thin air.

The Results Could be Late to Arrive

Once the initial consultation is over your Invisalign expert will tell you about a tentative deadline of the treatment. If your case is severe the procedure will obviously take longer time to correct it. On the other hand, if you have mild issues, the treatment time will be shorter. But it is crucial that you maintain the “22 hours a day compliance” when you are Invisalign braces. If you ignore wearing the braces for as long time a day as prescribed your results will arrive late. As your treatment time expands so would the expenses.

Finally, Invisalign is Worth the Time, Effort, and Money

Invisalign technology is not only meant to contribute to your aesthetic appeal. It is effective in correcting issues that affect your oral health like gaps between the teeth and bite issues. You can rest assured that at the end of the journey, Invisalign will have you thrilled with your straightened teeth and comfortable bite.

Now that you are aware of all the basic facts about the treatment, you should enjoy your Invisalign journey better. It is also relevant to disclose in the given context that Chatfield Dental Braces is one of the most assured places across the whole of London for quality Invisalign treatment to achieve the smile of your dreams. The practice is on the Chatfield Road in Battersea. One of the easiest ways to reach here is by searching online with strings like “Invisalign cost near me” from anywhere in London. The practice has an excellent track record in handling this range of cases.

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