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Features That Make the Snapmaker Enclosure and Air Purifier Stand Out

3D printers can produce particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). What exactly is the big concern with VOCs or particulate matter in 3D printing? It’s true that they can make 3D printing difficult for you; after all, nobody likes to print in a cramped space or while experiencing discomfort. Because Snapmaker is here for you, you shouldn’t worry. We’ll provide you with some options so you can make sure you and anybody else nearby are secure while using your 3D printer.

Enclosure for Snapmaker 2.0

You have probably heard about the snapmaker 2.0 enclosure. But what makes it so crucial in 3D printing? Let us find out.

It integrates smoothly into your Snapmaker 2.0 system and provides you with an additional level of security while you are manufacturing. The enclosure panels have been specifically made to lower the class four laser impact from the Snapmaker 2.0 Laser Engraving Module to the lowest level of class one. To remove all the smoke and dust, close the enclosure and switch on the exhaust fan. It has magnetic Tri-Fold Doors. They are pre-assembled doors that can be triple-folded to provide enough childproofing while taking up very little space.

When either door is opened, the laser or CNC process automatically pauses, providing you with additional protection due to the door protection feature. You can resume your creation with just a few taps, so don’t worry.

It maintains the correct temperature when you are 3D printing with high-performance filaments like ABS. Warmth is maintained, reducing the likelihood that the print will deform as a result of temperature changes. Internal LED Strips to help you print no matter the time of day or night. Create as you choose. Utilize your familiar Touchscreen or Snapmaker Luban to control the LED strips and exhaust fan.

The enclosure structure is also made of universal 24 mm and 48 mm aluminum beams, so you may customize your machine with paid or even do-it-yourself extras.

Snapmaker Air Purifier

It is an Increase in Air Safety. When you 3D print with or laser engrave on some types of materials, chemicals like PM (Particle Matters) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) may be released. With an air filter for the 3D printer enclosure, you can filter them even further.

Has a Suitable Filter Cartridge. The constructed filter cartridge for your Snapmaker 2.0 that combines five layers of various filters into one is meant to capture the light actually emitted during laser engraving or 3D printing. The G4 Coarse Filtration Filter targets significantly larger particles (diameter 5 m). More than 90% of PM10 and PM5 are filtered out. Finer Filtration using the F9 filter works with particles with a diameter of at least 1 m. More than 95% of PM10, PM5, and PM2.5 are removed by the filter.

It has an individualized Activated Carbon Filter. In order to absorb VOCs that cannot be captured by other filters, a dense pack of activated carbon is additionally added. Odor issues are no longer a concern. The last stage gate is two layers of 70 mm thick HEPA H13 filters. They can capture up to 99.97% of all airborne particles, including PM0.3, which is known to be the most invasive particle in the atmosphere.

Efficiency is not the only factor to consider. In order to increase the cartridge’s life span, the various filter levels are organized within a certain order, ensuring that you won’t need to replace the cartridge until it has been fully utilized. Real-time filter cartridge monitoring is done by Snapmaker 2.0, and the touchscreen displays how long the filter cartridge will last. It notifies you when a new one needs to be inserted.

The Air Purifier and Enclosure have the same clean designs as before. The CNC-machined aluminum beams and shell, with their surface anodized, produce machine bodies that are well-sealed, have an extremely fine texture, and have a consistent silver-gray appearance. They are cute and strong.

It is clear that Snapmaker values your safety. An air purifier and our snapmaker 2.0 enclosure are both made to provide you with a pleasant and amazing 3D printing experience. To learn more, go to You can get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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