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Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Light Saber Belt Clip

A belt clip is a free-hanging display attachment for light sabers that may be put on a shelf, table, or flat surface. It allows you to walk about while carrying your dueling light saber with you, and it can be attached to a belt so that it can be hung from a belt. 

You can also place it on a belt clip designed for a lightsaber clip and then position it on a shelf, table, or any other surface with a flat underside. Again, acrylic is used instead of metal, wood, or any other traditional components often used in the production of the lightsaber, supported by 

Other retailers use these different materials. Even though certain manufacturers provide high-end lighting stands equipped with an LED light that isn’t the hilt, the great majority of stands do not have any illumination. Therefore, keep the following three aspects in mind when you are shopping for a new stand for your lightsaber: size, stability, and style.

The Length of the Dueling Light Saber That You Intend to Transport Using the Light Saber Belt Clip

For instance, if you want to carry your phantom FX light saber, you need to ensure that the measurements of the lightsaber belt clip are compatible with the proportions of the hilt you are presenting. If they aren’t, your phantom FX light saber won’t be able to be carried. 

The lightsaber stand that can be purchased from can accommodate almost any size of lightsaber; however, the length should be at least 7.5 inches. 

In addition, the prongs that hold the hilt on the stand have a sizeable diameter, which enables the stand to take hilts with diameters ranging from very small to very large. This feature allows the stand to accommodate a wide variety of hilts.

Your Capability in Terms of Maintaining Stability with Your Light Saber Belt Clip

You’ve probably noticed that each belt clip for a light saber shown in the movies has a solid base and stays there, right? Likewise, the artsabers lightsaber stand has a base in the form of a triangle, in contrast to the grounds of some of the other frames, which have a large amount of surface area. 

It would help if you did not presume anything about the lightsabers’ stands. Because they are constructed, particularly vertical frames, they risk becoming unstable at certain times. This is because the bottom surface of the base of the stand is not always entirely level. So, before you buy the mood for your Phantom Force FX light saber, read multiple customer product reviews, and if you have any concerns regarding the stand’s stability, ask the dealer a lot of in-depth questions.

It should go without saying that you do not want your lightsaber to fall to the ground. Because of this, we at highly recommend that you look for a trustworthymetal covertec clipfor lightsabers to keep your light sabers in a safe area even when you are moving around. This will prevent this from happening.

Select the Appropriate Style of a Belt Clip for Your Light Saber so It Can Fit Your Light Saber.

If you prefer a vertical stand for your light saber rather than the more usual horizontal belt clip, choosing a design for the belt clip that comes with your Phantom Force FX light saber can be as simple as clicking your mouse. This process could be a real pain in the neck.


One person’s vision became a global business known as Artsabers, and that person was a die-hard Star Wars fan who had immersed themselves in the franchise universe for a long time. From Artsabers, fans may get the highest quality lightsabers available at affordable prices and with the help of first-rate customer care.

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