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Emergency Denture Repair Technicians Explain Everything You Should Know About Dentures

Removable Oral Appliances in the Form of Dentures

Dentures are a popular appliance widely used in modern dentistry. The range of removable appliances replaces your lost or missing teeth. Dentures can replace your natural missing teeth both in the upper and the lower jaws as well as in both. The range of appliances is made from a variety of materials including resin, acrylic, metal, porcelain nylon, etc. These removable appliances are crafted by skilled and experienced dental technicians. 

Different Types of Dentures Available

Dentures are available in a wide range of variations. The correct type of denture that you need depends on the unique requirements of your oral health and this decision is usually taken by your dentist.

Let us now quickly explore various types of dentures that are available in the section below.

  • Full Dentures

As the name implies this variety of dentures is used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth and that is why it is also called complete dentures. A full denture rests on top of your gums and seeks support either from your palate the ceiling of the mouth or the ridge of the lower jawbone. A special type of glue called denture adhesive is usually required to hold this variety of appliances firmly in place. When one thinks about traditional dentures it is usually these full dentures that often come to the mind. A full denture is a combination of artificial teeth along with a base that comes in the color of your gum. According to experts who work in a place renowned for walk in denture repair near me in London, people with dentures normally take the appliance out of their mouth at night for cleaning. This also provides their gums an opportunity to rest.

  • Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a suitable option for you provided you have several missing or lost teeth in either or both the jaws. Partial dentures are identical to full dentures and this range of the appliance also seeks support from the gums as well as the underlying bones. In addition to that these partial dentures provide additional stability with the help of specially designed clasps to hook around the remaining natural teeth in your mouth.

  • Immediate Dentures

In some cases, people have to undergo tooth extraction before switching over to dentures. This is when immediate dentures become relevant. An immediate denture is the type of appliance that you wear immediately after tooth extraction. In many cases, immediate dentures act as temporary appliances. Once the tooth extraction site gets completely healed your dentist may replace those immediate dentures with final dentures as a permanent solution to your problem. However, there are also instances where patients get to wear their final dentures immediately after tooth extraction. This particular call is usually taken by dentists.

  • Dentures Retained by Implant

This range of dentures remains attached to dental implants for support and not on the gum or the ridge of the jawbone unlike the varieties discussed above. Dental implants are tiny threaded posts made from biocompatible metal like titanium. Your dentist surgically drills an implant post into your jawbone as a replacement for the roots of your natural teeth that are lost or missing explain dental technicians with years of experience in emergency denture repairs in London. Just like conventional dentures, the range of dentures which is retained by implants is also removable. You are supposed to take your implant-retained dentures out of the mouth at night and soak them for cleaning.

Compared to conventional dentures, the range of dentures retained by implant offers greater stability as they remain attached to the implants that are in turn embedded in your jawbone. As such there is no need for using denture glue to secure this variety of dentures in the mouth. This is why these dentures are also called “snap-in” dentures.

  • Dentures Supported by Implants

The range of dentures that is supported by implants is different from all other types mentioned above. This variety of dentures is not removable and that is why these are also called hybrid or permanent dentures. Although as a user you cannot snap implant-supported dentures in and out of your mouth yourself a dentist can remove them for you. Who are these implant-supported dentures ideal for? The range of oral appliances is ideal for those who do not want removable oral appliances. Maintaining this nonremovable variety of dentures is difficult; it requires thorough cleaning every day as well as flossing underneath the denture.

Factors that Help Determining the Type of Dentures You Need

Your dentist decides which is the best denture option for you based on several factors including the following –

  • The number of teeth you are missing
  • The length of time during which the teeth are missing
  • The volume and the density of the jawbone in your mouth
  • Your personal preference regarding removable or nonremovable appliance
  • Bite alignment between the upper and the lower jaws

Based on all these factors a dentist decides the best denture option for you says a dental technician who provides emergency denture repair London.

Reasons to Invest in Dentures

  • Modern dentures are meant to be convenient and comfortable; they help you by performing the functions of the natural teeth. The correct fit is usually obtained in a trial and error approach and for that, you may have to visit your dentist a few times in succession, but ultimately it proves greatly advantageous in chewing, talking, and boosting your morale.
  • When you are on dentures there is no dietary restriction to follow. The range of appliances allows you to eat all the foods that you used to eat earlier before suffering tooth loss. However, your dentist may advise you on limited consumption of certain types of foods to preserve your dentures longer.
  • Dentures are a great means to restore your natural smile; they help you overcome social awkwardness that gradually builds up in the mind as a result of missing or lost teeth.
  • Dentures make your speech natural says a dentist working at the renowned Emergency Dentists London Pro in London. 
  • When you suffer from teeth loss, the muscles in the face start sagging over time. Dentures are meant to replace that support to your facial muscles and prevent sagging so that you do not appear older your age.

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