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Dressing Ideas for Special Events – 2022

When celebrities attend special events like the MET gala, they bring their A game – with their attires showcasing exquisite designs. No one wants to see Rihanna or Lady Gaga in a simple boring dress or casual jeans during such an event. You may not be a celebrity attending a MET gala or the Grammy Awards, but we all have notable events in our lives that we would like to dress up for. This article will focus on women and dress ideas for different exceptional circumstances that may occur year-round.

Dressing Ideas for Wedding Day 

If it isn’t the most special day in a woman’s calendar (for the women that love weddings), weddings are exciting for both the newlyweds and the witnesses. The bride usually wants to look gorgeous on this particular day, adorned for her groom in whatever unique dress they could find. As the bride, surely you do not wish to disappoint. A wedding dress would suffice most of the time, but what kind? 

The type of dress chosen chiefly depends on the bride’s taste, body type, and budget. For instance, curvy women would like to show off those curves in mermaid dresses. On the other hand, a Cinderella dress for women with a less defined waistline. On this particular day, the bridal team (including the bride) and the guests can defy the norm and dress elegantly in a way that suits them. Have you thought of going vintage? Try LaceMade and see exciting new ideas. 

First date

First dates are pretty remarkable for women worldwide. You usually want to create the best first impression that will last longer without looking like a try-hard. Easy, right? No, it is not easy to find that balance. So planning is crucial. 

On a first date, most women prefer casual dressing; a pair of jeans and some boots. Other women like to wear a simple dress and accessorize with heels and statement jewelry. I suggest a mix up- if you go for the casual look, pair up the high-waist jeans with a corset top and cover up with a leather jacket. You can wear knee-length boots or Lita boots. For a dress, try something loose-fitting but flirtatious; a good example is the Van Gogh dress from LaceMade, paired with sandal heels and simple accessories.  


It may not be the BET awards, but you must dress to impress! All of us have been to such an event; it could be a corporate party, special fundraising, church ceremony, or a state dinner, either way, you have to bring your A game. During such a party, no one likes being a copycat, so your dressing needs to be eccentric. To be unique, think of a theme; you could emulate the 19th-century style of dressing with a modern twist. You can also look up designer dresses for women online and pick something that best suits you. Shops like LaceMade can show you a variety of dresses you can choose from. 

Festival or parade 

If you live in a country with high regard for unique festivals and parades, you must have seen how much preparation makes the event successful. The participants of that festival prepare months in advance. Therefore, if you are invited to such an event, you better give it your best. Look for a statement designer dress that will make you stand out from the crowd; make sure it is elaborate and flatters your best features. 

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