Discover the magic of India The Solo Travel Guide

Discover the Magic of India: The Solo Travel Guide

I was so mesmerized by my extraordinary journey to India, a land with rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant colors. As a solo traveler, I anticipated immersing myself in the beauty of the country. Honestly. My adventure to this place led to an unforgettable experience that left an unfading impression on my heart and soul. India is a land of some astonishing monuments and some heart-melting religions. Here, I present to you a solo travel guide to unfolding the magic of the country.

 7 Must-Visit Places in India for Solo Travelers

  1. Goa

I must tell you, this place is really for those who love to go to beaches and love the nightlife. This place offers you some amazing and eye-pleasing beaches, along with museums and attractive architects. You can definitely enjoy shopping in the markets here. I had bought so many gifts from the local shops here for my family and friends, and honestly, everyone just loved them. I opted for a train to Goa, but you can also choose to go here by flight, which is more convenient and faster.

 2.  Jaipur

Jaipur also known as “the pink city,” of Rajasthan, is famous for its rich cultural heritage, lavish monuments, luxurious palaces, and exquisite havelis. You will experience the beauty of Rajasthani culture here. Well, I must say the food I had here was just amazing. Kachori, samosa, ghevar, jalebi, and many other sweets were just a treat to the mouth. It was so fun exploring the forts here—the Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, etc. It’s really a must-visit place for all those solo travelers out there.

 3. Kerala

No doubt, people call this place “God’s own country.” I was in awe of the beauty this place holds. I visited the place in mid-March, and the weather here at that time was so pleasing. I was in my cargo pants for men along with a t-shirt, and it was enough. I was so excited about the tea and coffee plantation tour, which indeed turned out to be happening. And how can I forget the shikhara and houseboat tour in the backwaters? It was one of the best experiences I ever had.

 4. Ladakh

I remember when all my friends ditched me at the last moment, and so I put on my half sleeve t-shirt along with a denim shirt and jeans and went to Ladakh all alone. This place is no less than heaven, you see. No doubt it was a tough journey with all those rugged roads, but it was totally worth it. Trekking is the best option, and do not forget to do the camel safari here. Do take a bike trip to all the remote places here; they are totally worth it.

 5. Manali

Your friends keep ditching you every time you make a plan to travel. Well, it’s time to go all alone and make new friends. Honestly, my trip to Manali was one of the best solo trips I’ve ever been on. This place is the best escape to the mountains. Trekking, river rafting, and camping are several activities that I absolutely loved doing. I also experienced the beauty of the old temples, monasteries, etc. Indeed, this place is one of the most beautiful and must-visit places in India.

 6. Darjeeling

Honestly, I’m a nature lover, and this place was no less than paradise to me. I was so allured by the beauty of this place that I didn’t wish to leave it at all. This place holds the beauty of architectural mansions, lush green slopes, and numerous tea estates. I had the heartfelt experience of seeing the beautiful Mt. Kanchenjunga. This place is one of the treasures of northeast India. Do not miss out on the toy train and gondola ride here, as according to me, it was certainly the best, as you will get to experience the beauty of nature more closely.

7. Gulmarg

My childhood wishes to ski was fulfilled here. I had an excellent skiing experience here, along with camping, trekking, and a Gulmarg Gondola ride. This is the best place to declutter yourself from that hectic life. I reached the nearby airport, that is Srinagar, and then took a 2-hour ride to Gulmarg, which was totally worth it as I got to experience the beauty of the mountains and the lush greenery. This place is definitely a must-visit for all those who love to indulge themselves in the beauty of nature.

 Wrap up

I was so thrilled with the enchanting beauty of the country. India is no doubt a land of diverse cultures; the locals here are so nice to tourists and would guide them so nicely. I was just in awe of the beauty of these places. Above are the places that I visited in India all by myself and that are definitely a must-visit for all solo travelers.

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