Christmas dinner table

Christmas Dinner Table in 5 Minutes!

Still haven’t decided on your table setup for Christmas? This guide has got you covered! We have the perfect last minute Christmas themed dinner supplies for busy moms, students, outdoor parties, and busy bees who want to pull off a sleek and elegant dinner party in 5 minutes. 

Christmas brings a lot of happiness and joy, but it also brings a lot of stress. Buying sprees, getting ready for the holidays, decorating the house on top of our regular responsibilities can get quite demanding. But, this season consider yourself extra lucky to have found these disposable yet elegant dinner supplies that will leave your family and guests in awe with its quality. Here is the best part, they are extremely affordable! Make sure to get your hands on these products before they are out of stock! 

Here is all you need set up a hassle-free Christmas table:

1. A Gorgeous Disposable Table Cover – Christmas Ideas

No need to worry about spills this Christmas! Made of high-quality plastic, each table cover is designed to withstand spills and our most messy loved ones (keep that one between you and me). Every tablecloth is crafted from BPA-free plastic which makes it a safe option for your kids. Kid friendly and busy bee friendly, what more could you ask for? Your table cover is mostly likely to survive the event, so wipe it down, roll it up, and save it for another day. Or if you wish, dispose of it! Check out our catalog and pick your table cover that will save you time and money this season! offers a wide selection of colors and patterns. They also offer options for round and rectangle tables. From checkered prints to flashy colors, you are guaranteed to find something that meets your needs. For this season, don’t be afraid to be bold and go for unique colors for your table. Browse through our massive collection and rock your taste in tablescape art. However, if you would like to go for a tablecloth that instantly sets the Christmas mood; red, green, and black tablecloths are highly recommended. 

2. Elegant Burgundy Christmas Plates – The Holy Grail

This is where it gets exciting! The ultimate time saver! Get your hands on our 140 piece disposable burgundy dinnerware combo pack. Disposable, hassle-free, and elegant. A rare combo. This combo pack is designed to set up a stylish and sophisticated table in just a matter of minutes. It comes with twenty 8 in. plates, twenty 10 in. plates, 40 plastic gold cutlery, 20 plastic gold knives, soup spoons, and even teaspoons. Each plate features a gold rim adding a touch of opulence to your regular plastic burgundy plates. Every FDP product is made from 100% food grade plastic to ensure a healthy experience for its customers.

3. Sophisticated Plastic Cups

Last, but not least, don’t forget your elegant cups! Factorydirectparty offers an amazing selection of plastic cups and tumblers that mimics the appearance of real wine, champagne, and shot glasses. If you want to add a little fun to your event, then make sure to get your hands on their clear shot glasses for a simplistic look or their neon shot glasses to add a little twist to your table. Dress up your table with these cool and fashionable disposable plastic glasses and you are ready to go! You will for sure leave your family and guests in awe with these super cool items that will save your event. Setting up a dinner table from disposable products doesn’t have to be boring. With FDP products, explore your creativity and express your taste with their wide variety of disposable party products.

Psst! If you still haven’t crossed out all the items on your gift list for this season, check out this statement water fountain that would make an amazing gift.

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