blue nitrile gloves

Blue Nitrile Gloves vs Latex Gloves: Which One is Better? 

Whether you are looking for personal or professional single-use hand protection, hands down, nothing can be better than blue nitrile gloves

This is because, in comparison to other materials such as latex or vinyl, nitrile allows better protection, providing lesser allergy risk and more comfort. Moreover, the one thing about nitrile that will intrigue you is that they do not contain natural rubber proteins that might cause latex allergies and thereby cause reactions. These materials are stronger and can even stretch in comparison to any other type of gloves. Given all such instances, nitrile gloves are better than any other type of gloves. 

Further, there are more benefits of using nitrile gloves that you should know about. 

Explore the Benefits of Using Nitrile Gloves. 

Watch out for the benefits so that you can always choose nitrile gloves over anything else. 

Benefit # 1: Chemical Resistance is Superior to Any Other Material. 

This is one of the primary benefits why professionals prefer nitrile gloves to any other type. In comparison to vinyl or latex, those that have very negligible chemical resistance are not suitable to work with in hospitals or labs. But, with nitrile gloves, you can vouch for their superior chemical resistance, and thus, they find a wide variety of usage in different industries, where hand protection comes to the fore. 

Benefit # 2: Perfectly Resistant to Puncture! 

We often tend to think that gloves can get torn easily. But that is so not the case with nitrile gloves. They can hold tight to their quality, which only makes them resistant to any punctures. They are, thus, suitable to work with in hostile situations such as labs or any other such places. Moreover, since these are not easily punctured, they protect your hands from getting scratches or bruises. They will not easily put the user at risk, which is the ultimate plus point of using these gloves, especially when you are using them for environmental contaminants or blood-borne pathogens. 

Benefit # 3: Nitrile Gloves have High Tactile Sensitivity. 

This is one of the most important benefits that you should keep in your mind. Nitrile, being a material that allows the user to retain their sense of touch, makes it a superior material to be used in any hostile environment. It means that it will enable the user to manipulate and even feel the objects easily in their hands. This is quite in contrast to any other materials, as other materials only limit the scope of the user to handle the objects by restricting their sense of touch, but nitrile is a complete opposite material.

Benefit # 4: You Won’t Feel Itchy with Nitrile Gloves On Your Hands! 

Sometimes, gloves can make you feel comfortable, and this can cause hindrance while you are working. But that is certainly not the case when you are working with nitrile gloves on. Apart from providing you with firm protection, these gloves offer you comfort and even can fit you properly, which makes them a perfect fit in many sectors such as mechanic shops, the food industry, and so on. 

A Quick Wrap-Up! 

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