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6 Best Interview Tips for Acing the University Admission

One key step in achieving a place in your favorite university is the interview part. Many top universities around the world keep interviews as an essential part of the admission process. The students have a physical meeting with the institute representatives to tell them about their areas of interest and academic background. For the candidates, it is highly important to have good preparation for the interview as it is a deciding factor in the journey to get into their dream institute. The university officials and the course instructors observe and evaluate the behavior of the student. They ensure that the applicant has good knowledge and is the perfect fit for the university. 

If you are interested in obtaining admission to any reputable university, then it is vital to pass all the stages of the application. To leave a lasting impression on the admission officer, you must know all the interview tips for the university. So let’s not wait anymore and read the blog to help you ace the admission process.

How to Stand Out From Other Candidates in Your University Interview?

  • Know The Type Of Interview Beforehand

There are two common types of university interviews. The first one is informative, and the second is evaluative. Before preparing for the interview session, the student should have an idea about the type of interview that they will be giving.

In informative, the panelist also communicates with the student and tells them about the university’s values and perks and the courses they offer. They also give their best to impress the candidate and make their institute the first choice.

On the other hand, in evaluative, the interview is a bit tough. This form is opted for by prestigious universities like Harvard and Oxford. In this type, the interviewer evaluates the overall performance of the candidates. They notice each and every detail about the student. The competition in evaluative is high, and as an applicant, you have to give all your efforts and time in preparation. 

Gather All Relevant Information Related To Your Chosen Course 

To ensure you clear the interview stage, you must deliver your interest in the selected course. For instance, if you want to get an MBA degree, learn and research the necessary things. You can go through various topics like marketing, finance modules, management, etc. If you have hired an expert writer who provides MBA personal statement service for your SOP, then one of the best approaches is to read the statement thoroughly. This gives you all the information regarding the topics of interest mentioned in the document. By knowing the common topics, you can make your place in the mind of your future course instructors.     

Plan the Answers to Common Questions 

We all are aware that there are a few must-ask questions in any interview. To give a compelling answer that grabs the admission officers’ attention, you should prepare and plan the answers beforehand. It is always a great idea to keep in mind answers to questions like Tell us about yourself and your reason for choosing the course. Students can google sample answers and note unique words to increase their vocabulary. If you are applying for any international institute, the interview process is much more important. As a candidate, you should plan answers to cater to topics like the reason for choosing the particular university, future plans, and the main motive for studying abroad. The best approach is to do some forward planning, but students who overdo it sound rehearsed, and that is also not appreciated.

Research the Institute Before Appearing For the Interview 

Apart from the pre-planned answers, you should remember that thousands of applicants want to join your dream university. You should learn ways to outshine others to be the best among them. The most important thing is to research. Always remember with good research skills, you can do wonders in life. Visit the official webpage of the institute and gain information about it. Knowing about the core values and course details, you can give more well-structured and strong answers.

Read Your SOP Several Times to Have a Better Understanding 

One thing to keep in mind is that the interview will question the things that you have mentioned in your personal statement. In order to answer them like a pro, you need to read your SOP several times. Whether it is about any hobby, interest, or achievement, staying honest can help you in this part. By being truthful, you will remember all the details present in the document. If you hire a personal statement writer, have active communication with him and give him every information regarding academics. It is useful to read the delivered SOP to know about any particular book or interest in the personal statement.

Listen To the Interviewer with Focus and Take Some Time in the Thinking Process

A lot of students jump ahead to give their answers while the interviewer is speaking. They think they are ready to present the right answer, but this does not always work. Without listening to the academic officer with focus, you might end up messing up the interview. Also, the majority of interviewees start to panic when they can’t give the answer quickly. But one important tip is to remember that it is okay to take some time to prepare your response. You can avoid incomplete answers and confusion by giving some time in the thinking process.


For many students, the thought of meeting a representative of the university for a question-answer session can be daunting. We agree that an interview is the best way to connect with the university official, but it ends up being a source of anxiety for the applicants. This guide has given useful tips and tricks that every student can follow. Don’t forget that your interview is the final step to getting your place in your dream university. By knowing interview tips for university, like preparing beforehand, knowing about the course, listening actively, reading the SOP thoroughly, and others, you can leave the best impression on the admission officer. 

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