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Benefits of The Main Types of Nitrile Gloves You Never Knew!

If you have heard about the popularity of nitrile gloves, you may wonder why they are a unique type of gloves. Nitrile gloves are known to be the most functional hand protective gear on the market today. They are made from synthetic polymer rubber and thus an ideal glove for hand protection. In addition, they are latex free. So for those allergic to latex, using Aurelia nitrile gloves might be of great benefit. Besides being latex-free, our gloves offer superior protection to the hands, and the good part is that you can comfortably purchase them online.

The popularity of nitrile gloves is observed daily because some people get allergic reactions when in contact with latex. Although latex is still highly favored as the best medical grade glove, nitrile remains on top in the glove market because of its great benefits. Before getting deeper into the matter, check on our Aurelia Nitrile Gloves, for example, theblue nitrile exam gloveson our website. So, what are the top benefits of nitrile gloves? Let’s take a look:

  • They offer excellent chemical resistance compared to other types of gloves available on the market. Nitrile gloves provide great chemical resistance compared to all other glove production materials. They can protect your hand from corrosive chemicals that cannot be withstood by vinyl or latex gloves, making them the top-recommended gloves for people working in an environment prone to risks involving harsh chemical substances. If your workplace contains harsh chemicals, then you should think of gettingAurelia nitrile gloves for your safety.
  • They are latex-free. Latex poses some allergic reactions to some users. The nitrile gloves are 100% latex-free, making them the safest type of gloves to have.
  • They are excellent in offering incredible tear and puncture resistance. Nitrile is the most substantial fabric compared to other materials used in glove manufacturing. Due to this feature, nitrile gloves usually offer excellent puncture and tear resistance. Therefore, nitrile gloves are all you need if you want protection for your hands from any injury while carrying out your duty.
  • They are strong and hence very durable. Nitrile gloves have a longer shelf life than other types of gloves. Additionally, these gloves last longer due to their strong material.
  • It has lower friction resistance. It is necessary to wear or remove gloves faster to do some urgent duties. So nitrile gloves are the best because they have low friction resistance, thus easy to wear and remove.

There are wide varieties of gloves in the market today, and each offers some protection. But nitrile gloves are outstanding because their benefits outdo that of their counterparts. Moreover, they have slight skin irritation, which makes them have little risk of allergic reactions.

Initially, nitrile exam gloves were blue, but nowadays, they are available in many colors, the common ones being the blue nitrile exam gloves. Maybe you are wondering if the color of the glove matter. Yes, it does! It is essential to make your choice of gloves with your working environment in mind. White nitrile gloves, for example, are used in clean rooms and controlled environments where contamination is a primary concern. Thus,  the white color of the glove makes it easier to see contaminants. Although the white color of the glove is the industry standard, in some cases, blue nitrile gloves offer great contrast making, which facilitates job efficiency.

Arrow Safety Canada has the best blue nitrile gloves for you and your employees. Our gloves are FDA-certified and will give you the protection required. Furthermore, nitrile gloves offer superior protection qualities, making them the best gloves for use in many fields. So, if you need Aurelia nitrile gloves, you are on the right site.

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