Are Your Memories Also Deleted If You Uninstall Snapchat?

Then there are a few things you should know to save your photos and memories if you are thinking about uninstalling Snapchat from your mobile device. Anything done without the proper knowledge could be harmful or have a negative impact. Perhaps you will lose all of your memories or your Snapchat steak will break. The most important thing for people nowadays is their photos, because feelings and memories are attached to them. We use Snapchat to take photos, make videos, and send them to friends because it has a lot of filters and effects that make your photos and videos more appealing and good. And think how bad it could be if you lost all of your memories. A single incorrect step will erase your entire memories. If you are also thinking about uninstalling or deactivating your account and want all the information. Then this is the right place because in this article we will take you through the whole process.

What Features are Available On Snapchat?

Snapchat is not as popular as Facebook and Instagram, but it is not any less popular. Snapchat is used by people for a host of reasons, including taking pictures, exchanging messages, and keeping in touch with loved ones? Mostly Snapchat is used for clicking photos and sending snaps. Snapchat is currently used by more than 300 million users, which is a large number. There are a lot of interesting filters available on Snapchat for those who love to use it and click photos. You can make streaks by sending snaps to your friends on Snapchat. A lot of interesting games are also available to make it more enjoyable and interesting. It is a perfect platform for those who love to click pictures and make videos. You can easily install it on your mobile device via the Play Store or the App Store, and it is very easy to operate; you don’t need a lot of knowledge to operate Snapchat.

Did Your Snapchat Streak Break If You Uninstalled Snapchat?

So the answer is no, or it could be yes because it depends on our actions. If you’re a regular Snapchat user, you’ll know that sending or receiving a snap within a day is required to keep the streak from breaking. It must have happened from both sides, which means you must send and receive a snap within 24 hours. If you uninstall the application from your phone, then you must remember that if you don’t activate the account on your mobile phone and don’t send a snap within 24 hours, then yes, your streak will break. However, your streak won’t end if you sign in again within 24 hours and send a snap.

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Would Your Memories Also Get Deleted?

We all have a lot of memories saved on Snapchat, and if you’re going to uninstall Snapchat from your device, then this question must pop up in your mind: Would memories also get deleted if I uninstall Snapchat? The answer is no; if you simply remove Snapchat from your device, your memories won’t be lost. You only need to reinstall Snapchat and sign in again to see all of your memories. If you simply uninstall Snapchat, you will find all of your photos and videos; however, if you deactivate your account, all of your information will be wiped from Snapchat’s server, and you will not be able to retrieve your photos and videos. That is why you should think twice before deleting your account because you may lose all of your memories. If you deleted your account, then the only thing you can do is make a new account and make memories again.

What Precautions do need to Take to Save Your Photos?

We understand how painful it can be to lose all the photos and videos that you click because they are not just photos; those are the memories that we capture through our cameras. That’s why keeping your memories safe is important, and you should take some simple steps to keep your memories safe. To keep all your memories safe, you must follow some important steps mentioned below:

  • Always keep a backup of your photos
  • When you click photos or make videos via Snapchat then save them in your Camera roll too
  • Turn on the backup of your device
  • Share them with your friend because if you lose them then you can take them from your friend

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