Spotify Monthly Listeners

Are Purchase Spotify Monthly Listeners Still Working?

Spotify is one of the growing music platforms all around the world. It’s great for music lovers and artists climbing the ladder in the music industry or who have already become popular.

An artist’s or song’s popularity is generally quantified based on the number of streams and monthly listeners. We know what streams are: the number of times listeners plays an artist’s song. But monthly listeners slightly differ from that.

What is Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Spotify monthly listeners are the number of unique listeners playing an artist’s track over 28 days. It indicates the average popularity of an artist and the fame a song has acquired since its release.

Spotify streams are calculated if a listener plays a track for more than 30 seconds.

If a person plays a song more than once in 28 days, it is only taken as one monthly listener. But the number of times they played will be counted as Spotify streams.

How do Streams and Monthly Listeners Differ?

  • Spotify monthly listeners are calculated for 28 days. The streams are calculated daily for a listener.
  • Streams are the number of times a song has been played, and monthly listeners are the number of times different listeners have played a song.
  • If your streams are increasing, but monthly listeners stay the same, your song is not reaching a new audience.
  • Increasing both streams and monthly listeners means increasing your fanbase, and they like your music.

Monthly Listeners Statistics of Popular Artists

Most streamed artists might have low monthly listeners. It means their music is good but needs to reach a larger audience. The same group of people is listening to those tracks. Every time artists release a new song, they stay relevant, and their monthly listeners count increases.

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The monthly listeners’ chart changes every month with new releases, collaborations, etc.

Reaching the Goals

For an artist to set a goal and reach it, it might require effort. The goals might be different for each artist. To have a graph of increasing monthly listeners, artists must keep releasing new tracks and have to maintain a new library. There are various ways to increase the monthly listeners’ stats, like updating artists’ pages, Spotify tools, social media, and editorial playlists. But the easiest way is to buy 5000 Spotify monthly listeners.

What is Buying Monthly Listeners, and Why is It Important?

Purchasing Spotify monthly listeners will increase your number of monthly listeners. It will change the stats and help your tracks reach a new audience. It is a way to increase your fanbase naturally. Your song gets played in someone’s playlist; if they like it, they might follow you and listen to your every track. It will increase not only your monthly listeners but also your streams.

No bots are involved, and it’s not a fake way to do it. It involves real people. Promoting your songs to real people is what buying monthly listeners will do. So spending some cash on your monthly listeners is worth it.

Why do You have to Buy Monthly Listeners?

  • It will promote your song and your profile as a whole.
  • It will increase your stats
  • and naturally attract traffic to your account
  • overall promotion for an affordable price.


After you have decided to invest in monthly listeners, deciding the source is important. You can only choose a source that offers low prices. a good site will know how the Spotify algorithm promotes new songs. The website also does the same thing. 


Some artists need to realize how important monthly listeners’ statistics are. It’s not just about the numbers but attracting new real audiences to your profile. It’s your music making them your fan. So why don’t we add some help to your music by buying monthly listeners? Many artists have gone viral with this option. It is the right way to get popular if you are a debutante or an artist struggling with your numbers.

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