All About Kheer: Nutritional Value, Benefits, and Recipe

Kheer is a chilled sweet dish used as a dessert called Payasam or Payesh. Kheer is made in South Asia, mainly in India, with slow-cooked or boiled rice, milk, and sugar. It is also like a rice pudding. Kheer will add saffron, cardamom, raisins, nuts, and cashews to this dish for more flavor. Oats kheer is also a healthy version of the traditional rice kheer with the same taste of creamy and rich. Apart from rice and oats kheer, there are many more variations of Kheer, such as barley kheer, kaddu ki kheer, chhanar or paneer payesh, etc.

Benefits of Kheer:-

  • Kheer has some benefits to take as a food or dish, or dessert as Kheer, especially rich Kheer contains a good amount of starch which helps to improve gut health, and it also helps to reduce inflammation. Using Kheer as food is more beneficial for health because it contains essential nutrients. Also, due to heavy exercise, glycogen can be lost from the human body; this Kheer or rice Kheer help to bring back that glycogen as rice Kheer is contained and rich in carbohydrates.
  • Besides, rice kheer provides an effect of coolness on the stomach and the entire human body. It is very beneficial to eat Kheer in summer as in summer, the body drains energy too much to reduce the drains and maintain the energy to control the metabolism; a small bowl of Kheer can be healthy.
  • In rice kheer, the main ingredient is rice and milk. As milk contains amino acids, which are needed for good body functions for a human body, the goodness of rice is also beneficial for health.
  • Also, Kheer contains so many reasonable amounts of vitamins A and C. Kheer is also suitable as a source of calcium with low cholesterol, giving sufficient nutrients to the human body.
  • To make Kheer healthier with more good benefits, you can add in kheer jaggery as a sugar alternative to avoid sugar; you can replace the white rice with gluten-free brown rice as well as you can add more dry fruits like almonds, cashews, herbs like cinnamon, and fruits like mango pieces, grapes, etc. which make your Kheer healthier and more delicious.

Recipe For Making Homemade Kheer:-

Ingredients for Kheer or Rice Kheer: milk with whole cream, 5 cups; washed rice, supposed ¼ cups, sugar for ½ cup; raisins around 10-12; 3 or 4 green cardamoms; some dry fruits like cashews and almonds.

Making Process of Kheer or Rice Kheer:

  • First, in a deep pan, boil the rice and milk.
  • Then, Sim the flame low till the rice is cooked and the milk becomes thick, just stirring it occasionally.
  • After stirring, add sugar, raisins, and 3 or 4 cardamoms.
  • To dissolve the sugar properly, stir this mixture.
  • At last, transfer it into a dish to serve and garnish it with the cashew and almonds.
  • Last, but not least, serve the homemade Kheer hot or chilled.

Recipe For Making Readymade Kheer Mixture:-

People now quickly get instant Kheer mix or readymade packets in the shops. So, they go for the readymade mixture of Kheer packet. But the Recipe of instant kheer mix or packaging kheer is different than the homemade traditional kheer Recipe.

To make instant or readymade Kheer, you need the milk of around 500 ml, one packet of instant Kheer mix, suppose 65 grams, and saffron milk.

Making Process:

  • First, take a pan.
  • On a high flame, boil the milk.
  • Then add the instant Kheer mix and cook it on a medium flame for around 20 to 25 minutes.
  • After when it turns thick, add some saffron if you want; otherwise, turn off the heat, and it is ready to serve.

Nowadays, while many people love to make Kheer in their home like the traditional one, other hands other some people prefer to buy shahi kheer packet from stores or online shopping sites as now instant or readymade kheer mixture is available in package systems which are very easy to make without any hazel and need to take less time. Shahi kheer packets are also available at very affordable prices; like 100-gram shahi kheer packet price is 63 rupees; it is readymade Kheer, and you need to mix it well on a flame; these instant kheer packets are also vegetarian, rich, and flavourful pure and natural, tasty and healthy. So, people can easily buy these shahi kheer packets from nearby stores or online.

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