Acetylene Production Cost, Product Details, and Market Analysis

Acetylene Price Analysis and Market Study

  • What is Acetylene?

Acetylene, also known as Ethyne, is the least complex and widely known member of the hydrocarbon series comprising single or multiple pairs of carbon atoms attached to triple bonds, known as the acetylenic series or alkynes.

The gas with the chemical formula  C2H2 appears to be colourless. It is inflammable and has a pleasant odour. In a pure state, it is unstable and needs to be handled like a solution. It is extensively employed as a chemical building block and as a fuel. Its molecular weight is 26.038 g/mol, and its density is 1.097 kg/m3. Its respective boiling and melting points are -84.7°C and −80.8 °C.

Acetylene has a Range of Applications Which are Noted Below:

In the fabrication industry, it has various applications, such as being used as the only fuel gas which is used for welding. It is also the best choice for brazing, cleaning, cutting, flame gouging, hardening, spot heating, texturing, and thermal spraying of numerous materials. Furthermore, in the glass and materials processing industries, it is usually used for carbon coating, providing a lubricated surface between two materials. When mixed with oxygen or air, it is used for producing a graphitic and amorphous carbon coating that loosely sticks to the surface.

As a raw material, Acetylene finds use in producing other chemicals, including acetaldehyde, vinyl chloride, trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, acrylonitrile, and acetic acid. It also finds use in the manufacturing of many plastics, synthetic rubbers and modern drugs.

Additionally, in small quantities, it can be employed for lighting applications in buoys and beacons as well as a fuel in atomic absorption instruments. It is also used to ripen fruits and make trees and flowers mature faster. It had been used as an anaesthetic in the past.

The Production Methods Used to Create Acetylene

  • Acetylene Production from Natural Gas: Acetylene is produced from natural gas using a high-power electric arc furnace that employs direct current to crack natural gas into acetylene which is retrieved from the reactor.
  • Acetylene Production from Methane: In this method, acetylene is produced via methane’s partial combustion.
  • Acetylene Production from Coal: in this way, acetylene is produced by reacting calcium oxide with coal in an electric furnace which results in calcium carbide that gets hydrolyzed further to give acetylene and calcium hydroxide as by-products.

The Key Players Operating in the Market

  • Gulf Cryo
  • Linde
  • Praxair Technology Inc.
  • Chengdu Xinju Chemical Co. Ltd.

Acetylene Price Trend Study Based On Region

  • North America

The prices of Acetylene in the US market attained an upward trajectory recently. The price aid from upstream Calcium Carbide has surged, and the prices of Acetylene stayed on the higher end. The financial situation in the US market was affected by growing interest rates as well as tight economic policies.

The manufacturing firm’s rates of operation were stable, and adequate inventories were available. But the downstream construction sector demand did not show much improvement in the local region. Also, in the end, the rate of inflation began to ease, enhancing the conditions in the market. The industry players declared lowered cost of shipping with no port congestion in December.

  • Asia Pacific

The Acetylene prices displayed a mixed market sentiment in the regional Indian market. In October, prices were seen escalating due to stable demand for fundamentals. The price support from upstream raw materials was also satisfactory and helped the increase in Acetylene’s market value. Yet, the costs lowered afterwards amid the restricted procurement from the downstream construction sector and easing input costs. In addition, the price of upstream Calcium Carbide grew and influenced the costs of Acetylene production. The production activities were supported in India, and the industry participants vigorously procured the material to support downstream production.

  • Europe

The Acetylene prices in the European region stayed optimistic. The restrained supplies for gas and surging inflation have affected the production activities in the German market. The cost of production was raised, and the producers grew their offers to preserve their profit margins. The upstream Calcium Carbide also stayed on the higher end and helped the increase in Acetylene’s market value.

Yet, the inflationary pressures, along with elevated prices of goods, adversely affected the downstream construction and other end-user industries’ demand. The purchases from downstream were restricted, and the trading environment was favourable. Based on supply, there was sufficient availability for catering to the downstream demand.

Latest Development in The Industry

Stawell Location for Australia’s First Acetylene Recycling Facility

The first-ever purpose-built, end-of-life acetylene cylinder treatment and disposal centre in Australia will be built at Stawell, Victoria. The new disposal facility will allow the clean-up of around 50,000 allegedly illegally discarded and buried cylinders of acetylene at the Lemon Springs site in the northwest region of the state and offer a lasting national solution to recycle and safely dispose of used acetylene cylinders.

After a national tender process, Enviropacific, an expert environmental service provider, will get rid of the acetylene cylinders at Lemon Springs and will also build and operate the latest Stawell facility. Lee Miezis, the Chief Executive Officer of Environment Protection Authority Victoria, stated that as the Lemon Springs site is almost cleared up, a solution for safely disposing of the cylinders was the ideal next step.

According to the post mentioned above on Acetylene, the product’s market details can be studied. The blog provides the readers with an in-depth analysis of the product, which focuses on the key market applications driving up demand, routes of production, key market players, and price insights focused on supply and demand with the latest news. With the help of the study, the market players can gain some insight into the current market situation and plan their market strategy accordingly to gain a competitive edge over their competitors while making a business plan.

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