Oil Blending Services

A Brief Overview of Oil Blending Services

Oils and lubricants are important to many industries for machinery and vehicles. Automotive oil plays a crucial role in the efficient functioning of the car. It lubricates the car parts that reduces the wear caused by friction due to motion in car parts. It also cools down car parts and prevents corrosion.

Having said that, the motor oil available in the market is a mixture of several compounds, including hydrocarbons, poly-internal olefins, etc. That is the reason for the oil blending process. It is done in many global metropolises, including Dubai. Furthermore, oil blending is a crucial process that needs continuous monitoring to ensure quality standards. Improper blending can reduce the longevity of the equipment.

That is why it is important to work with experts who can help you get the formula as per your demand. So, get the best oil blending services in Dubai to avoid struggling with downtime and increase longevity.

  • The Blending Process

As mentioned above, improper oil blending or choosing the wrong formula can affect the equipment you are using it for. Furthermore, the process is slightly different for every customer, depending on their requirements. That is why choosing a company that offers excellent blending services and prefers transparency with customers can make the job easier and more convenient. Let’s discuss the ideal blending process that most renowned companies practice:

  • Decide The Product Formula

As discussed above, every client has specific requirements. That is why the first step of the blending process is to decide the suitable product formula. In some cases, customers have accurate formulas. However, at times, they don’t have the formula ready. In such cases, companies, by leveraging their years of experience, make a formula based on customers’ requirements. The additives and chemicals used in blending are tested to ensure the quality of the product.

  • Mixing Process

In this process, the components are added accurately using a scale or meter to start the mixing process. Best companies use machines with a steam coil for blending to give heat during the process. Resultantly, blending with heat ensures high-quality products and increases the oil’s shelf life. Contrary to that, cool blending can separate the components in phases, causing additive dropout that altogether affects the quality of the product.

  • Checking The Product Quality

It’s not done here. Once the mixture is ready, companies take samples for testing to make sure the quality of the product is on point. Furthermore, they also test to ensure that the formula and the product are as per customers’ requirements. Once the samples are checked, the product is loaded to reach customers.

6 Factors That Affect The Quality Of The Oil

There are many factors that influence the quality of the oil, including blending equipment, component quality, efficiency, etc. Let’s discuss the factors that impact the quality of the oil.

  • Accuracy in Measurements

Accuracy is important for proper mixing and to guarantee that the components are inserted in the tank in the correct proportion. The reason is that improper proportions can cause misalignment and impact the overall quality of the oil that is being blended.

  • Presence of Air

Accurate air presence in the component is equally important. Inaccurate pressure can be damaging to blending. The presence of air can deteriorate the oil and can also lead to poor metering of components.

  • Water Content

Mixing water in the component can also impact the quality of the oil. It is so because water impacts the turbidity of the blend and lessens the effectiveness of the additives.

  • Temperature Management

Choosing the right temperature is equally important to ensure the quality of the oil. A very high temperature can lead to oxidation of the oil and thermal damage. Very low temperatures can also deteriorate the effects. So, a suitable blending temperature is essential that’s generally between 55 to 65 degrees.

  • Cleanliness

The solid impurities in the blending system and oil additives can contaminate the system, which can affect the quality of the oil. That is why the system should be kept clean.

  • Dilution

Using a viscous additive can affect the right measurements. That is why it must be melted and diluted to a suitable concentration to prevent the quality of the lubricant.

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Only well-reputed companies like Al Baraa LLC in Dubai follow the above-discussed blending process, keep all the factors in concentration, and give priority to customer satisfaction.

  • The Takeaway

In a nutshell, the quality of the product after blending must be on point, which demands accuracy in measurements. That is why it is imperative to trust a partner who can provide lubrication with your required formula and offers superior quality products:

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