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7 Popular Colors To Choose for Luxury Modern Bathroom Vanity

Nothing is more refreshing than taking a bath in the morning when you wake up or in the evening when you come in from work or running errands. Bathing in the morning helps to remove any ounces of sleep left in you, remove the sleep scent, and get you freshly started for the day ahead. An evening bath leaves you clean and relaxed.

Let’s look past the action itself and see where it takes place. To enjoy your bath, your bathroom should be clean, comfortable, and equipped with the necessary facilities to boost its efficiency. Besides the size, shape, position, and durability of luxury modern bathroom vanities, we should also consider their color. The vanities’ color should complement the overall color of the bathroom and design. Check below for the popular colors used.

Color Inspired By Pantone

Did you know that there is an organization that provides a universal language of color that enables decisions involving color to be made that affect brands and designers worldwide? Pantone does all that and every year chooses the color of the year. This year’s color is ‘Very Peri,’ a lavender tone. This color would look amazing in your bathroom.

Blue Bathroom Vanities

Blue is still a trendy color. To many, blue lightens the mood and makes you feel relaxed. Any shade of blue used will transform your bathroom into a beautiful space. From the sky, eggshell, and ocean, there must be a shade of blue that is suitable for your vanity.

Black Bathroom Vanities

Often when black is used somewhere, it symbolizes boldness and elegance in style. It is luxurious and matches well with a wide range of colors. Black can also be found in different shades, so you are not stuck with a particular one.

However, it would help if you were cautious to avoid turning the whole place into a dark pit. If the bathroom vanity is black, the other areas should have a lighter color.

White Bathroom Vanities

White has been the most popular color used in vanities, posing an overusing threat. It has never gone out of style, and it will never. To prevent the color from being overused, white is found in many different types, which are all excellent. There are also other forms of white with a tinge of gray and beige.

Green Bathroom Vanities

Green is well known as the color of nature. Incorporating green into your luxury modern bathroom vanities brings nature into your bathroom. You feel secure and fresh. This color will always be great for your vanities. Imagine getting into your bathroom and feeling like you just stepped into a garden with clean water flowing smoothly, giving off that wild vibe. Outstanding, isn’t it?

Brown To Beige Bathroom Vanities

While we are on the nature topic, let us extend it to brown and beige colors. These colors evoke a woody feeling. Most bathrooms actually have this color. This puts them in high demand. Since they also have that desert feeling, they bring warmth into your space which is very much needed during cold seasons. You also do not have to scratch your head too much about what to match them with.

Purple Bathroom Vanities

Purple is one color that represents luxury without question. The color is also royal. When you want your luxury modern bathroom vanities to look stunning, go for purple. It is 2022, and the color purple has already been used in making numerous vanities, and it will continue to be so.

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