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10 Applications Where Sainik 710 Plywood Shines

Whether you want to renovate your home or work on your latest carpentry wonder – choosing the right kind of plywood is crucial for either case. Good plywood sheets can ensure that the overall quality of the building project is up to your standards and preferences.

While there are thousands of companies that claim to offer you only the best plywood sheets, there is one product that outshines them all – SAINIK 710 Plywood. But why is that so?

In this blog, we will check out the top 10 applications where you will find SAINIK 710 to outshine its competitors. Let us begin!

10 Applications Where Sainik 710 Shines

1. Building Projects in Damp Areas

If you live in an environment that withholds a decent level of moisture in the air, you must be aware of how cheap plywood sheets wear out over time. However, SAINIK 710 is resistant to moisture and is boiling waterproof, making this Waterproof plywood an ideal option for building kitchen projects!

2. Building Furniture

If you want to ensure that your furniture has enough durability as well as aesthetic appeal, you must ensure that you only use the highest quality plywood. SAINIK 710 fits the criteria very well, which is why woodworking enthusiasts love investing in it.

3. Designing Exteriors

Designing outdoor exteriors requires you to use good quality plywood that can withstand the changing weather all around the year. The weatherproof build of SAINIK 710 will ensure that your exteriors stand strong against the wind!

4. Wall Paneling

People who want to decorate the interiors of any space generally look for qualities like smooth surfaces and aesthetically pleasing designs. The SAINIK 710 plywood sheets check both these items off of the list, making them ideal for wall paneling.

5. Bathroom cabinet

A good Bathroom cabinet requires the use of extremely durable materials. SAINIK 710 is very strong, non-malleable plywood – making it ideal for this very purpose.

6. Building Cabinets

It is a well-known fact that building cabinets and shelves in any space requires the use of strong materials as well. The strong structural integrity of SAINIK 710 makes it very fitting to create beautiful spaces of storage.

7. Creating Partitions

Whether you want to build a residential or commercial space, creating durable partitions is crucial. The strong soundproof nature of SAINIK 710 will allow you to do the same effortlessly.

8. False Ceilings

One of the best ways to add elegance to the interiors of any property is to add false ceilings. SAINIK 710 is robust, lightweight, and easy to install – making it suitable to help you achieve this goal.

9. Transportation

SAINIK 710 is not just well-suited for building living accommodations, but also a great asset for the transportation sector. It is used for trailers, caravans, and so on.

10. Working with a Tight Budget

When we work with a tight budget, it is crucial to only invest in cost-effective products and services. The price of SAINIK 710 is just 107 Rs./sqft, which is quite affordable compared to the features that it delivers.


While there are tons of plywood manufacturers on the market who will claim that their product is the best, it would be a good idea to let the facts do the talking! SAINIK 710 has been certified by both Indian and American standards of quality, proving that it is indeed outshining its competitors effortlessly.

Sainik 710 plywood is sold by Century Ply, one of the leading plywood sellers in the country. It boasts several technologies such as Firewall and Nano-engineering, which helps it deliver great performance. You can check out the website of Century Ply to learn more!

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